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  1. 18 minutes ago, Humbolt said:


    Dont think it will either Caster, but thats my lot so I'll just have to see it through as best i can.  The alternatives are a bit grim. Got 3 young kids and I need them as much as they need me.  


    They're all words though mate, an attempt at keeping face, inside im fucked and havent a clue.

    Don't worry man, I know you'll be ok. Just do your best with what you got, thats all anyone can ask for. 

  2. Hello all, I am after some interesting prints for microscopy purposes, would be great to get some from an australian rather than somewhere else to avoid having to import. Printed on paper would be best too.


    Send me a pm, thanks. 

  3. This is a really great thread, saving this one to read later. Would be great to make some sandalwood extracts, or essential oil. Stuff smells so nice! 


    Really great thread and work you've put into this! Would be great to grow some of my own sandalwood, just need to get some established acacias first, but that wont be hard.

  4. Hi all, looking for what's in the title, would be great to buy some from someone in tas, send me a pm if you have any! Anywhere in tas :)

  5. The obscurities of modern civilisation, Alcahol being allowed while other substances are not.


    I think its influenced and partially built upon controlling people, either through the church originally (outlawing other substances such as mushrooms/achuma etc as they are spiritual tools used by other cultures beliefs) and then built upon further by governments who are influenced by old ways and their own agendas. 


    To be honest the more I learn about other drugs the more I wonder why Alcohol is so socially accepted and other things are not, people call it a social lubricant but what about the 15% of people who get on it and start becoming anti-social, wanting to fight or hurt themselves. 


    Anyway, thats a bit of a rant of mine. Its just all part of the weird world we live in. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Evil Genius said:

    It´s definitely not a cereus. It looks a bit roughed up and that affects how it looks like, but it´s probably Trichocereus peruvianus or something close to it. Pretty sure this will turn out to be a nice Trichocereus once you have it repotted and in full sun. 


    Thank you very much my man, I was hoping it was a Trichocereus - I thought it did look like that but wasnt quite sure!


    What size do you recommend me report it in? I hadn't really thought about re-potting it, because I'm only new to cacti and just picked this one up very recently. :) 

    I'll mix up some nice 50% coir and 50% potting mix and add a heap of pearlite, hopefully that will be sufficient