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    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'd love to pick those up! @Humbolt (minus the sub print) I can offer the following seeds: morning glory (purple) T.macro x peru T.Knuth x peru T.Macro x super pedro a few acacia acinacea pinch of tobbacum burley type + a random surprise (if I remember) lol. Send me a pm after you post! Thanks. <3
  2. Caster


    Australia is a beautiful place. I'm glad to call it home.
  3. Caster

    Khat use!

    Would be interested in reading any good articles about Yemen and khat and any potential links to their countries conflicts
  4. Caster


    Go and have a look for us! haha, I was supposed to yday but didn't end up getting there go to https://www.discoverlife.org/mp/20l and type in GBIF as prefix and 2550163 - says specimen collected from browns river (TAS) edit: this link should work: https://www.discoverlife.org/mp/20l?id=GBIF2550163
  5. Caster


    Radula Marginata is supposed to exist in Tasmania but unfortunately not elsewhere in Australia. I was meant to go for a hunt for it today but unfortunately that did not happen. there's a thread on it here... that gives an exact location. I was meant to go and check and see if I could find some today but it did not happen... If anyone does go, please respect the location and don't go and rape it, if there is lots take a small amount but if there is very little do not take anything unless its seeds. It is seemingly rare and will be hard to grow.
  6. Caster

    Is this site dying out ?

    Ethnobotany is such a god damn interesting subject, learn about plants and their affects on our bodies and minds... Plus the history of it all, I honestly don't know why it took me so long to find out about this. But fuck, its so interesting! Unlike many interests you can go out, find something, buy some seeds, grow something and have a great experience along the way and when you get the final product too. I think with the website upgrade and shows like Hamilton's Pharmacopeia there will be a steady nice influx of new people (such as myself) who will hopefully help bring all of the awesome and awe inspiring plants and fungi to the rest of the world, and change some of those shitty misconceptions which are spread about certain things too in this time period.
  7. Caster


    You guys and anyone else who reads this will enjoy this lecture held at the ESPD 50, was very good. Talks about Indigenous Australian useage too.
  8. Caster

    don't cha hate it when..

    Don't worry man, I know you'll be ok. Just do your best with what you got, thats all anyone can ask for.
  9. Caster

    looking for Christia obcordata

    Only two links I could find that sell, but from USA/UK, so probably not useful... https://myemail.constantcontact.com/-Swallowtail--Butterfly-Plants-Are-Here-.html?soid=1102037641942&amp;aid=hYHhGq_6gDY https://raretropicals.ecrater.co.uk/p/21844135/christia-vespertilionis-10-seeds-very-rare
  10. I'll enjoy looking through this, thanks for the link.
  11. Caster

    WBs random photos

    Well, damn, you look like you've got quite a good collection of things up there! haha, very nice pics btw.
  12. Caster

    Interesting prints wanted

    Hello all, I am after some interesting prints for microscopy purposes, would be great to get some from an australian rather than somewhere else to avoid having to import. Printed on paper would be best too. Send me a pm, thanks.
  13. Caster

    Grafting Stock Pros/Cons

    Thanks for this list, will be useful
  14. Caster

    Santalum spicatum - Sandalwood

    This is a really great thread, saving this one to read later. Would be great to make some sandalwood extracts, or essential oil. Stuff smells so nice! Really great thread and work you've put into this! Would be great to grow some of my own sandalwood, just need to get some established acacias first, but that wont be hard.
  15. Someone else posted this, might be useful for you. https://apps.lucidcentral.org/wattle/identify/key.html
  16. Caster

    Tasmanian kanna

    Hi all, looking for what's in the title, would be great to buy some from someone in tas, send me a pm if you have any! Anywhere in tas
  17. Caster

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Would be great to get some swordbelt mushroom spores, they look so cool! Supposed to be very tasty too.
  18. Caster

    Acacia ID website!

    Oooh this should be useful, thanks.
  19. Caster

    don't cha hate it when..

    Wow thats pretty bad, hope she realises that a lot of people from overseas from poorer countries often just want to get with someone from australia to get a passport/visa, dont reckon itll end very well.
  20. Would be great to get some! But I also wonder if I should try and find some of the plants myself first before making you spend some money on sending them to me!
  21. Caster

    The backyard.

    Now that is impressive, would be amazing to see something like that in real life, and you get to see it every day!
  22. Caster

    Alcohol, bars and drinking culture...

    The obscurities of modern civilisation, Alcahol being allowed while other substances are not. I think its influenced and partially built upon controlling people, either through the church originally (outlawing other substances such as mushrooms/achuma etc as they are spiritual tools used by other cultures beliefs) and then built upon further by governments who are influenced by old ways and their own agendas. To be honest the more I learn about other drugs the more I wonder why Alcohol is so socially accepted and other things are not, people call it a social lubricant but what about the 15% of people who get on it and start becoming anti-social, wanting to fight or hurt themselves. Anyway, thats a bit of a rant of mine. Its just all part of the weird world we live in.
  23. Caster

    Favourite Ethnobotany related books?

    Id be interesting in getting a few of these books too! Look forward to seeing everyones recommendations