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  1. Ya for sure That's why I posted a picture of a pachanoi Juul's / macrogonus x bridgesii yearling incase people are growing mystery seeds and need some help IDing.
  2. I have noticed that out of ten different Trichos I potted a month ago, in this manor; a little more than half of them are swelling nicely but there seems to be a few that are stalled. I've definitely have read some negative things about chucky coir. Next time I pot up I'll probably leave that out and find taller pots as oppose to wider, like you say. My first cacti were hardware store trichs. And not knowing any better I put then in straight potting mix very little perlite. Had them outside in that for most of a Canadian summer season absolutly loving it. Until the weather started changing or it rained too much, cant remember. Didn't know enough about succulent care. And it was a sad slow death. Just to add to what you are saying that trichs can take alot of abuse. Wish I had pictures. Cheers
  3. The little fella came to me slightly yellow at the base and very wrinkled there as well. I did find half a dozen scale spots and picked them off. I'm thinking the wrinkling is a sign of a pararsite. So far the yellow is fading since it's been re potted. My one year olds are all in 6" pots; the bottom is expanded clay balls, then a layer of fine and coarse coir, top dressed with clay balls. I'm sure there is a valid reason for encouraging root binding with small pots, but I am not convinced. I figure give them a little bit of growing media (coir) and give them mostly rock and clay and that should bind them up naturaly. I want the roots to search for water when it gets dry. I figure I avoided the big wet pot problem by having only 1/3 the material able to absorb water. Though this is only my second time growing cacti ever. I could be completely wrong. The tips are much appreciated mate. Cheers Here he is today, dusted with a little DE. This his better side.
  4. Here is a one year old Pachanoi Juul's Giant X Bridgesii Lumberjack. It already has nice coloration to it. The spines come out reddish and then turn white with red spots. Pretty sweet but unfortunately the little guy is suffering from a bad scale infection at the base.
  5. Cactus Wes

    How to recognize a bridgesii

    Here are a couple of one year old bridgesii. The tall one is an SS02 X OPEN and the little one is a Psycho0.
  6. Cactus Wes

    How to recognize a Trichocereus validus

    This is a 1 year old Validus X Peruvianus. It's fat and has short spines. Unfortunately it has a scale issue I'm trying to stay on top of.
  7. Cactus Wes

    My Trichocereus collection

    I bought these Prickles from a nice lady in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  8. Cactus Wes

    Which coir brick to use?

    I'm trying Natura brand coir; fine and coarse. Say's it's PH balanced and ready to use. My germination rate sky rocketed. I used sphagnum peat for 110 Peruvian torch seeds, 19 germinated out of the lot and took 2 weeks to show signs of anything. After 60 days, they have spikes on them but still show they're sprout pedals. The way she goes some times. But as I was saying; used fine coir hydrated with 1/4 strength nutrients on my second batch and had signs of life on day 3. These were more torch and some Santaensis. I swear I have more little seedlings than I planted. j/k Works great. Real game changer. "Cactus Love Coir." Below are two pictures of day 4 and 2 pictures of day ten and 1 picture on day 16.