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  1. can someone id this little guy, its growing everywhere, very smelly ( in a good way), im having trouble describing the smell to anything else. purple flowers look nice, i would describe them as little puffs? sorry for the phone pictures, i have a quest to pick up a good quality camera as soon as possible
  2. Some help identifying this plant please? The leaves remind me of a Datura, the flowers unfamiliar, the unripe fruit which unfortunately I have no picture was cherry sized and green
  3. Quarzo

    Plant sale

    rare sounds interesting, pm'd
  4. Quarzo

    effected by Brugmansia?

    i was just propagating a bunch of brugg cuttings and i noticed some of the juice from the stem sprayed onto my face, i also gave the flower a big ol sniff. dont have much brugmansia experience, i was just wondering how easy it is to get effected by it?
  5. Quarzo

    hello folks

    i thought i should properly introduce myself as i haven't done that yet, i just changed my name too, quarzo! it means quartz, as well as various other things too im dealing with some pretty serious mental stuff, which i could only describe as scary cluster mind anxiety. it sucks, and its always there, but im working on it slowly. finding this forum was a amazing thing, i really feel at home here, i hope you all dont mind me being here too. i wont be doing trades for a while as im still building up my garden, and only just starting to get my hands on a few of the more magickal plants ;), i haven't even begun to get into cacti yet. its a long journey and im only near the start of mine, looking forward to the future though. quarzoo!
  6. Quarzo

    unknown smelly

    your right, no perfect match with the ones you listed but a mentha no doubt, thanks for the headstart!
  7. Quarzo

    effected by Brugmansia?

    wasnt effected to much, i did feel something though, never used bruggsy before so it was interesting. there was a fuzz there like thunderhorse said maybe i should do some more research before propagating potent magical plants next time as i did all the propagating on my bed haha edit: is that how i should pronounce your name thunderhorse? i couldnt for the life of me decipher all those symbols and stuff and ended up having to go to some other post where someone else said your name hehe
  8. Quarzo

    psilocybe australiana season?

    last two months were big for cubes here, stacks and stacks. sadly a lot of mine went mouldy , last few times ive been out to check i only found one or two, so im assuming that means sub season is here or coming soon
  9. Quarzo

    psilocybe australiana season?

    hey all i know im a bit early in the year for golden teachers, i did some reading and im aware they like late april and may more. however i was wondering if anyones had luck finding them early, ive been hiking around a bit (north-nsw, bellingen area) after some rainfall, havent found any but ive spotted alot of areas that look like they would be growing when the season fully hits
  10. Quarzo

    Blue Lotus Entities

    got me interested, ive been using blue lotus off and on for a while now. it definitely makes you a lot more connected. i havent had any regular daily use so the experiences havent been as strong as the reports. im not able to use much as i harvest it from a nearby dam, and i dont want to take too much at once. interested in your results
  11. Quarzo

    plants with friends

    hey all, i heard of those ant tree, Vachellia cornigera. the ants live in the spikes and the tree even provides food, do any of you know of any other plants that have strong relationships with certain insects?
  12. Quarzo

    Khat id

    Looks about right thanks
  13. Quarzo

    Khat id

    Khat? I heard khat could be found in randomly in unaware peoples gardens as it was planted everywhere some time ago? Either way I decided to try my luck, just across the road I found this bush. id anyone? Thanks
  14. Quarzo

    Bhut Jolokia (chilli) seed giveaway

    Some chilli for the garden would be cool, Your very cool too gimli, thanks for the giveaway. I'll have some
  15. Quarzo

    vinegar extraction for moldy shrooms?

    thanks for the info, ive already started the vinegar extraction before i read your comment, but yeah tea could of been a easy alternative. ive begun evaporating the vinegar, it will take ages, how unstable is psilocin? will the psilocin breakdown in the evaporation process? the mold looked like common household mold (grey and fury), all the shrooms were effected, i didnt remove the surface mold i just plonked them all in the vinegar, ill see how it goes i guess
  16. a whole bunch of shrooms went moldy recently i thought i could save them by doing a extraction, i decided vinegar as i had some already. will this extract the mold as well or will that be left behind? https://www.erowid.org/archive/rhodium/chemistry/psilocin.extraction.html i read this link, i dont have most of the chemicals they're using, only vinegar haha. if anyones done a vinegar extraction is it possible with only vinegar, or do i need some other stuff to evaporate it etc, thanks.
  17. Quarzo

    iboga id

    hey everyone, just wondering if this is iboga? does iboga have any look-alikes? it looks like iboga to me, from most of the pictures ive found. however in a lot of the pictures the seed pods look more round and fruity. cheers
  18. Quarzo

    brahmi seeds

    can someone enlighten me on how to get brahmi seeds, i cant find any info online. thankso sorry let me explain a bit more, i have a bunch of brahmi lying around and im aware you can propagate it easily, but id like to try get some seed if you can, does brahmi seed after flower?
  19. Quarzo

    brahmi seeds

    No reasoning, just trying to spread brahmi everywhere, thought I could double the amount by spreading seeds too instead of just propagating
  20. Quarzo

    Dead bees in lotus flower

    While cutting up some lotus flowers that I harvested earlier I found these dead native bees at the base. I was wondering if they died because they got sedated by the lotus flower?
  21. Quarzo

    Free Heteropterys angustifolia

    thanks alchemica, came in the mail today
  22. Quarzo

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway #2

    thanks gimli, seeds came yesterday, good postage
  23. Quarzo

    sub or cub

    will do next time i head out there karode