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  1. I have not and have no reason for not having tried it. I read about it years ago.  I’ll tell you what. I’ll collect some next week and brew a tea and report back. Might even become my morning pep me up.

    First thing in morning(next week) 

    I’ll weigh out the fresh leafs and let them soak/simmer for awhile. Probably play a few games of backgammon. I’ll ingest tea and see what happens. 


    I do not have it growing in my garden mostly because it’s everywhere. I’m in zone 9a/b. It’s hot, humid/wet, winters are mild(usually), soil is dense. ‘Gumbo clay’ Is the local slang. But areas are sandy loam too 

  2. Ilex vomitoria ~ “Yaupon Holly” grows in GREAT ABUNDANCE in my area. Pretty plant, looks like a small oak tree in foliage but come winter it’s leafless and covered in bright red berries. The Karankawa Indians would drink it. 

  3. Sulfur powder is great. The local feed store sells a 5 pound bag of 98% for $5(us). I’ve found the 98% to be much more fine powder than the 90%.


    I use it religiously. Very good to finely dust grafts with it after you’ve pressed them together

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  4. I have some Caput Medusa scions on Ferocactus Glaucescens. Growth is not what I'd call explosive by any means but it's slow, steady, and does not produce deformed looking scion. The short stock combined with a 'normal' looking scion in my opinion makes an attractive plant.

  5. I have a few different types of acacia trees growing but would like to get more of them. Looking for some seeds if anyone wants to sell or trade.  I'm in the us.

  6. For close to a decade I only grew PC, 1 bag of bridgesii seed, and 1 unknown peruvianus clone. Since getting out of school and landing a job I've been buying tons of seeds and clones. I already figured the market will be completely saturated in the future.  But I'm in it for the love of growing cactus. I hope and belive I will be able to retire early from 'plastic purgatory' and just sell cactus and other plants. Will I become a millionaire? Seriously doubt it. That's not my goal. I'm just a dude that wants to grow cactus(as well as all plants), provide for myself and future wife while not going to work at a place that is terrible for the enviroment, and of course turn people on to the life and love of cactus to where anyone can afford it.

    I figure all the seeds that I produce some day ill be selling and sowing. Hopefully I can leave behind a legandry forest of cactus. That's really my end goal.  Cactus forest. I think I'll see it someday, I'm 27 

    The price some of these clones are going for is nuts. I feel like I have quite a bit of extra $ to spend on hobbies but man $400 for an OGUN, $200 for landfill, $150+ for some BBG, etc. Is crazy. I found my OGUN for a fraction of that and traded some Kratom for landfill. 

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  7. My senna Alata plants have ripe pods on them. These plants were grown from seeds I collected from one growing next to an old building in town. They grow very fast, large soft oval leafs, big bright yellow flowers that last for a long time.  Last year they were killed down to ground level with temperates around 25 degrees fahrenheit. They are already 3 meters tall again. I am in the US. If you want seeds I will send you plenty of seed pods to get some growing if you cover the shipping costs or I'll cover shipping if you have medicinal/ethno/cactus seeds you want to trade.  



  8. Fed the seedlings today. Here's a peak into one of the boxes. Going to be some work in the future potting these little guys and gals. I would like to wait until mid February to repot them. My cactus never really fully go dormant and stop all growth but they don't grow much from mid november-mid February.



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  9. Coming home from industrial fire fighting training I stopped at a small plant shop/antique shop.  Ended up scoring some great books about plants and live plants.  The best deal was a large piper auritum. I'll put it in the ground in the spring. I bought a tiny one on ebay for about $10 and it was pretty much dead when I got it. This one is pretty big. It'll definitely be huge a year from now. 

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  10. It is possible to get SA cuts into the US.

    I guess the idea of a different gene pool makes aussie clones desirable.  I'm headed to Peru next summer for a couple weeks.   I don't think it's that hard to get plants into the US I've had many boxes from overseas arrive with no problems but confiscated plants do happen. Finding someone to ship cuts is the hard part imo. 

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