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  1. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    Found Dr Constantini in Italy who advises that Vitamin B1 taken in high doses (cut all alcohol and coffee ) will do the trick We are including it in the regime so 3grams in the morning and 3 grams at lunch (12 tablets! a time) - 1 month trial
  2. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    I also note that my husband does have some kefir, but not enough to make a difference. He is getting more sunshine - I insist tht he does some outdoors work in the garden daily - this over and above walking the dog in the morning. He also sometime cycles, but not far and not during heavy traffic times as he is worried about his balance. Fresh air and sunshine also produces melatonin naturally. I havent used it a a suppliment yet as the resistance level to taking too many is high!
  3. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    Kadakuda The gut is the main influencer on what passes the blood barrier - read brain grain for reference. Much of what you read in mainstream pharma/meds is a load of BS and supposition, as much of current theory is being turned on it's head and proven wrong. Update on the alternative treatment so far. The reversal of many of the PD symptoms are in process with my husband - small steps but even he as a complete alternative sceptic is sitting up and making an effort. Constipation. After a few colonic irrigations, we bought our own enima set, which after two weeks of use started to help. My husband has not used it for a week now and is able to pass faeces naturally and daily (nealy a year since that last happened). I have also increased the number of glasses of water per day , with alarms set every half hour, if not for some kind of meds the for water. This is hydrating him more and Sleep. Although he was never a good sleeper, sometimes he barely got 2 hours of sleep with the latter PD. He now wakes up once or twice during the night but manages 5 - 6 hours total of sleep most nights. THis has an amazingly beneficial effect on is daytime behaviour and cognitive function. He is keeping his intake of protein small - maximum 100gm per day; the greens and salads intake, always available is now being consumed in slightly larger quantities and more regularly. I have not managed to wean him off grains totally, but the amount he eats is greatly reduced. Ditto chocolates. He only has one coffee a day, which does have milk (mocha) nut it is a small one. We have noticed that if coffee is taken within 15 minutes either side of the meds, alternatives or mainstream pharma, it affects in an overdose type of way. Organic sulfur. This is interesting. As one of the essential minerals needed by the body, the reports on users of the sulfur are incredible - is it the new youth and regeneration elixir of life? ok - we think it is assisting in the sleep pattern as well as energising him (and me) as we take a teaspoon twice a day (mixed in a large glass of filtered water with juice of half a lemon and some elderflower cordial). He will nnot, but I also take a small pinch of Celtic salt which I chew before dringking a half glass of water. Celtic salt has over 90 essential minerals as opposed to normal table salt which has essentially 2 and therefore bad for your system. Listen to the talk by Barbara O'neill from Victoria - although I don't agree with everything she says, ther is much wisdom in most of it. NOTE: - the Sinamet which is recommended to PD patients has both L-dopa and Carpidopa. The Carpidopa kills off the Vit B receptors with many side effects and actually is bad for everyone. It was only added to the treatment to inhibit the nausea experienced when the L-dopa is administered. - I ensure that all meds are given with at least half an hour of taking anything else - tablets have all sorts of anti-caking agents and other additives which often interfere with various other compounds. Liquid administrations - Drink Zink and Iodene forte - are ok to mix with the Velvet bean. Positive news so far - I will report back in a month .
  4. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    PS I heard that the fungus Lion's Mane is excellent for brain enhancement but my supplier's "mother" plant is not well - soon perhapse.
  5. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    Hi Darklight My husband has had PD for 10 years and this last year has seen dramatic dlining of cognitive function and general ability. He has been using ashwaganda and velvet bean sporadically for about 3 years, but since resigning from work 6 weeks ago, I have had him on a strict programme of taking the Velvet bean every 2 hours, with zink, magnesium and iodine. I also suppliment with Vitamine B twice a day - HPA Essentials by Metagenics (addressing adrenals plus trying to reignite the receptors that the Carpodopa has destroyed) and Lecithin once a day. I also give him a KAVA tablet with the first 3 or 4 doses in the morning as the cognitive function is enhanced (I take some myself - great stuff). On top of this he takes the Siferol and Sinamet in the morning, augmenting with one (or two half) at night to "unscramble" the brain to enable him to sleep. There has been a small but discernable improvement within the last 2 weeks - watch this space. Sleep and constipation are the two worste enemies. We do as much as we can for the compacted faescies but with limited effect. We will try the Kefir - thanks. I have researched the medicinal cannabis, but currently Parkinsons is not on the included allowable program. Apparently the best is getting the fresh bud and juicing it immediately. However, we are not growing it due to regulations and our urban property will not sustain the space required. We are about to pick up some organic "supersulphur" and should have some results within a month. I also note that Ashwaganda requires a break every month of a few days (we have given a break over the last 2 weeks). Once the sulphur regime is in place, we may start up with it again. Ever in hope
  6. paulinepie

    Velvet Bean

    I am treating my husband's Parkinson's Disease Symptoms with a few doses of Velvet bean. It is as effective as taking the pharmaceuticals - Sinamet, which contains both levodopa (the good guy) and Carpidopa (seriously bad for humans). This and Ashwaganda are effective in controlling the symptoms with no apparent side effects. Has anyone else used VB in this way or used any other alternatives for Parkinsons.
  7. paulinepie

    Wild lettuce- Hyoscyamine

    I beleive the Egyptians used wild lettuce for centuries - more for an afrodisiac - but it was known to have medical benefits - dont know more than that but I'd love to get some planted in the garden. WHat is the botanical name for the hyocyamine containing wild lettuce?
  8. For your off-grid needs, I suggest you investigate the ATA web site and buy their 4xper year magazine - ReNew. As a member, you can access the older articles (there has been one on hydro power and many other options). Good luck with your endeavours and dont loose heart as you're still young enough to put this all on the back burner until you're ready with sufficient cash. Keep on with the updates and make a point of visiting your site during your leave.