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  1. Checking the greenhouse after Winter, I found a T. bridgesii has some small rust-coloured patches... I haven't seen this before - they are not brown/sunburned but small patches of rust-colour. Is this a fungal infection? What should I do about it (if anything?)? Maybe it will just go away by itself now it's Spring? Thanks!
  2. If there is a hybrid of e.g. a Trichocereus from mother x father plants, does the resulting hybrid derive its physical/biochemical characteristics primarily from the mother or father, equally from both, or from one or the other depending on what the parent plants are? Is there a rule of thumb governing this? Thanks in advance for help on this basic Q!
  3. pAcHyReIgN

    Unknown Cactus?

    Thanks! I have also been told it is Neoraimondia herzogiana?
  4. pAcHyReIgN

    Unknown Cactus?

    I bought this cactus a while ago and can't remember what it is - I would recognize what species it is, if anyone has any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  5. pAcHyReIgN

    Rooting bridgesii

    I should have several new plants from this cactus soon hmm yea I have a hybrid seedling that looks a bit like a TBM (if that is possible?) - have to wait for it to get a bit bigger to be sure though! Thanks for your replies!
  6. pAcHyReIgN

    Rooting bridgesii

    Hello and thankyou very much for approving my membership request! I have a couple of basic questions about this T. bridgesii monstruosus: Is this "clone A" or "clone B"? Those things hanging down are roots, right? Can I root the the segments with roots hanging down simply by separating each segment and planting them? I should wait til Spring to do this, right?