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  1. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Thanks for the information!
  2. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    My guess is that they won't, the idea that something may have been regularly damaging them at the farm makes sense to me. Maybe from annual frost? It was in the desert, but it still gets cold there and I doubt that particular farm has any serious winter protection for the plants. Bought them in spring.
  3. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Very interesting! I would think it might have happened to the other clone I bought as well though, but these 2 were in a different area of the farm... if they do it again next year then I'm really going to be scratching my head about it
  4. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    I did a little detective work to see if there had been any identical changes I made for these 2 and I am pretty sure I figured it out. I was even able to check in on another clone of this plant I bought for a friend and it did not in fact do the same thing at the same time @Evil Genius, though it was also brought to the same climate. What the ones that pupped have in common is that they were both uppotted into soil that had a little slow release fertilizer in it and then it rained like crazy for 2 weeks. I had repotted my friend's cactus also, but didn't use the soil additive. My theory is that the rain caused the fertilizer to release all at once and flooded the plants with nutrients. They keep growing like crazy but have not continued pupping and in fact a couple areoles that looked like they were going to stopped. In other strange news though I went outside this morning and one of the pups was weeping! No dew, no visible damage... @DualWieldRake, maybe you're right & someone has in fact been jizzing on my cactus!!!! Now maybe we have to try and see if it works. Isn't getting off on cactus kind of the purpose of this forum anyway? ;)
  5. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    The stuff I used was 4-6-3 and a fairly mild dose, though it was a soil additive slow release type and there were heavy rains for a couple weeks, maybe it all broke down quickly. Your picture does look similar, did it only happen on that one pup? None of the new pups are growing pups, just the ones that were already present and all the tips.
  6. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    My hope is, of course, that they are simply seeking to become more vast and mighty now that they have better conditions! That they may simply be feeling the thrill of freedom now that their roots have room and getting a little excited about things, but time will tell.... I did fertilize them lightly and now that I think of it a couple of my indoor cactus have shifted their growth a little since they were fertilized also. Unrelated species with no contact with my Trichos. Anyone have a similar experience? Pups on pups?
  7. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Hmmm... looking again you now have me wondering. I can see yet another pup beginning to form through an areole (last picture), one of the new pups on top had a pup, and the remaining pup that hadn't pupped is pupping also! The pups are exclusively pupping from their tips, no crazy pup explosions yet so not sure if this could be witches' broom or if that is typically more dramatic. Almost certainly not snails or insects. I have moved my other plants away from them, not sure how aggressively I need to quarantine something like this or if it's even a real concern. I'm very open to suggestions on how to proceed as in how far away from others they should be just in case, what to look for as things proceed, etc. These plants are otherwise totally healthy and happy so I'm not convinced it's an infection yet, I just thought they were likely reacting to a change in climate and possibly due to having new soil & nutrients after being root bound for what I'd say was probably years at their former home....all the other similar clones at the cactus farm looked very healthy, too, many very large and well established specimens. Nothing happened to these that was any different than any of my other Trichos recently and they have all been living close to each other. If they are a potential threat to the collection I am willing to get rid of them of course, they are really lovely cactus and the biggest specimens I currently have, but sometimes you just gotta sacrifice for the greater good!
  8. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Thanks! Glad to be here, really good forum.
  9. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Interesting to consider, I would imagine they wouldn't sync up also (if grown in separate places) but it would be fascinating if they did! I'm up for the experiment... I brought these plants home from the same place but a few weeks apart and they both pupped simultaneously. So maybe a weather trigger. There was a period of heavy rains. I was mostly surprised & curious that they both decided to pup from every tip at once, is that common? I've only been growing Trichos for a few years & hadn't seen that before, mostly basal pupping.
  10. Absolute Defender

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    Hello! I recently brought home a couple of tall San Pedros from a local cactus farm and in the past month they have started to pup from every tip, including from the pups that were already present. All of the growth looks nice & healthy, I am just curious as to what may have induced this, getting to know the plants better. My other cacti, including other Trichos, have not done this when I brought them home. These were repotted by me, get a bit more direct sun now than at the farm, and I also live in a somewhat cooler environment than where they had been growing. These have the typical PC trait of white hairs on flowers (the farm had some larger specimens), but also have the v-notch above the areoles and are overall much more robust cacti than other PC I have seen. Wondering if anyone has come across non-PC Trichos or hybrids that have the white hairs as these seem a little different to me. Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, this is my first post! Glad to join the community. I'm pretty sure that this is a Bridgesii and would like verification, it was a rescue from a local garden shop a while back and was languishing in the shade as it's skinnyness is a testament to... I'm also wondering if the best thing to do is to take off and replant the top (perhaps after some more growth) and cut the mid-section out. The base is nice & wide and as you can see has sent out a very healthy pup while in my care, wondering if cutting out the skinny part could stimulate more healthy new growth or if I should just let it do it's thing. Thanks!