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  1. GypsyLee

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    Go look at Craigslist (there are apps that simplify it). I have a morbid fascination with weird humans and sometimes I get on my Craigslist app and see what people are up to, haha. I guess that in itself is weird, but I think of it as Anthropology In fact, 6am Saturday morning is a good time to look!
  2. GypsyLee

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    There’s a really good forum at https://www.suicideforum.com/community/ I got fed up with Facebook etc and went on a “forum frenzy”, and that is probably my favourite (after this one of course!) What inspired me to post it is I dropped in here and someone had liked my comment in the thread about Andy. As I’ve written there, I didn’t know him or even of him, but suicides always touch me in a way that I don’t quite expect. So please take a look at that page if you need help. I donated $20 today to support an app they are developing. There are so many people in emotional pain at the moment I think it’s a really great idea (especially since young people go for apps).
  3. GypsyLee

    Post your track of the day

    https://youtu.be/wS7CZIJVxFY TØØL, Lateralus ”Spiral out; keep going.” (Tattoo on my right forearm)
  4. GypsyLee

    RIP andyamine

    Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I didn’t even know him from the forum but I’ve struggled with pretty severe depression for most of my life (I’m 44 now). My brother had it too and we lost him by way of heroin in 2014 (pretty sure it was accidental, but still, he was secretive about how he was feeling.) This stuff needs to be talked about. I think the great Henry Rollins once said “it’s the lies that give you cancer”..
  5. GypsyLee


    I hate it so much. I’m immune to most mainstream holidays but not this.. The collective madness is getting under my skin. Mr Hankey is the only good thing.
  6. GypsyLee

    don't cha hate it when..

    Don’t you hate it when you try texting while driving at 100kph with your left hand (but you’re right-handed) and you completely lose control of the car; oversteer; roll the car on the freeway; remain conscious as the windscreen hits the road.. The car rights itself and you’re sitting there with glass everywhere and people looking at you in horror? Then you spend the night in hospital in a torturous back-brace for a CT scan & x-rays because it was a “high impact crash” and they need to make sure you’re ok before discharging you? You lie there and stare at the ceiling for eight hours, thinking “this is suitable punishment for texting like an idiot”, and how much worse it all could have been? Then by Wednesday night you’ve organised a cool new car thanks to a mechanic who may have the hots for you and cheated on you a few months ago because he got stupidly jealous, so he owes you one for breaking your heart? Yeah, me too P.S. No matter how good a driver you are - DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.
  7. GypsyLee

    Post your track of the day

  8. GypsyLee

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    It’s not really my thing but it’s so easy to get is all. I actually feel pretty funky after a binge when I finally get some sleep. Dunno how people do it for days on end.. I’d be a delerious, twitchy mess. After a while it does nothing much to me. It’s definitely Zef but not my choice of Zef haha. Speaking of which, I think another tatt is coming.. They happen kind of “organically”. Lyrics by Stone Sour (Zzyzx Rd) because I owe them a big one for helping me through some very rough times. I went and saw them live in August. Anyway, probably on my arm again because I like to look at them
  9. GypsyLee

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    It makes me intensely focused on stuff other than say, eating. Not horny at all. I may have a slight ADHD? My brain chemistry is not quite normal though that’s for sure. My bro (RIP) was very similar. Neither of us could tolerate weed very well at all..
  10. GypsyLee

    Newbie Here!

    Die Antwoord are the biggest tricksters ever
  11. GypsyLee

    Newbie Here!

    I heard they were splitting up *cries*. They've been like a drug to me this year (I HATED them in 2012 when first heard them)
  12. GypsyLee

    Newbie Here!

    Oh you think you won that little battle Skellum but you shall see the Zef Revolution one day
  13. GypsyLee

    Newbie Here!

    Eh I was born in Frankston!
  14. GypsyLee

    Newbie Here!

    I fink you're freeky and I like you a lot.