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  1. Thanks PH, I'll try pollinating it again but so far all my attempts have failed, and everyone I know who's had  flowers never saw a seedpod. I actually can't find a single picture of what a kanna seedpod looks like.


    Got lots of clones and the mother is nowhere near root bound, kanna doesn't have a very aggressive root system ime that's why I like using it as a companion plant for trichos



  2. Yeah I don't really understand the cycles of this plant, it flowered for me in early spring (around Feb/March) then went dormant and skeletonized during most of the summer then started growing actively again around the beginning of August.

    I started this plant last year from a small cutting and it stayed under lights for its first 6 months or so.


    I hand pollinated it last time it flowered, but like I said the flowers don't seem to have a stigma, only stamens. That makes me think Sceletium is probably dioecious and I have a male. Hopefully the one I grew from seed is female if that's the case.

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  3. Haha, the little seedling on the left is poplar I think, I pull those out as they have aggressive roots.

    But I did start cover-cropping some of my cacti with crimson clover, white clover, alfalfa, mustard, phacelia and tares.



    I use this mix on leafy plants and it makes a great mulch & compost, innoculates the soil with N-fixing bacteria, helps soil structure, fights bad nematodes, and is a first line of defense against pests.

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  4. I definitely hope to cross it with some of my other weird looking lophs. It hasn't flowered for me at the moment though, but I recently removed and grafted a bunch of pups growing on upper areoles. Not sure on the species yet, I assume fricii but the seller never labels his plants.


    I ordered what I believe is a cv. Takenaka this week from this same seller, can't wait for it to arrive. A cross between both of these plants with weird turbercles could turn out nice I think.



    I also hope to cross it with this other japanese cultivar I've had for a little while, cv. Ooibo Ginkan:


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