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    Mutant? Or just different

    Looks like Browningia hertlingiana to me, especially with the pic on the label being so blue, and them naming it "azure torch". They're gorgeous plants when they get super glaucous with golden spines like on the pic, nice score mate
  2. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Then I'm 99% sure this is an L. diffusa var. fricii If it was a jourdaniana it would most likely have many pups by now. Here's my jourd to compare:
  3. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Lovely, Matt! I love the colour on these flowers, it's a fricii, right? Looks almost as vibrant pink as a jourdaniana.
  4. MeanGreen

    Trichocereus bridgesii pure species yellow.jpg

    Haha looks amazing! You grafted all those areoles, right?
  5. MeanGreen

    Slab Graft crested pachanoi 2.jpg

    Awesome job, please keep us posted on this one! I'm very interested in seeing how it will develop and what the pup(s) end up looking like.
  6. MeanGreen

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    I don't get it, what am I supposed to google? Unless l2g means something else to ya haha
  7. MeanGreen

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    It's about 8 months old, here it was on July 16th of last year:
  8. Hey, so I've had this fatty for a bit now and I'd like some opinions on what species/variation this could be. It's a good 8+ cm across and extremely heavy, over 1.6kg for a 40cm cutting. I realize it's most likely a hybrid. My guess from the spination is it has some bridgesii in it. I was told this plant was found growing near a cliff in the wild in Spain. @Evil Genius I'd be particularly interested in your input on this one if possible
  9. MeanGreen

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    My 6 E. fragilis cf. Greece seedlings: And my lone sinica:
  10. Interesting stuff Inyan, I have a few suntanned grafts that really look purple but I don't think they qualify. It might be of interest to you that another way of increasing production of anthocyanins appart from cold temperatures is magnesium treatment (e.g: epsom salt). It was found that magnesium can increase anthocyanin production between 15 to 70% and "had a stronger effect under elevated temperatures", which could make this method more suitable for cacti than cold treatment. See this study: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14620316.2007.11512262
  11. MeanGreen

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Thanks a lot for the information Sagi, I will relabel them this way. They are finally starting to noticeably grow again, my biggest one, the sinica has really exploded with new growth. I'll post some pics tomorrow. I repotted a couple of the E. fragilis cf. Greece today. I wanted to sprout more and try my luck again with the E. foemina seeds you kindly sent me back then, but to my dismay I realized the baggy of seeds of both fragilis & foemina started to rot... I had not removed the remaining seeds from the berries like a dumbass I salvaged what I could, hope I'll still get some sprouts.
  12. MeanGreen

    What species would you say this is?

    Thanks a lot mate, those spines do look similar indeed. While browsing for more pallarensis pics I stumbled upon this plant from Cajamarca by Chavin Herbalists, looks very similar to me as well: http://chavinherbalists.com/produto/trichocereus-pachanoi-caxamarca-cajamarca/
  13. MeanGreen

    the 'TPM' thread

    Nice thread and gorgeous plants everyone! Here's what I got: - Pachanoi monstrose, sourced from Italia. Looks similar to the Altman clone? The guy sells PC labeled as such so it's likely: - Crested pachanoi, sourced from europe. Last pic is from last year, it grows fast: - Sausagy/caespitose/monstrose T. peruvianus, it literally pupped from every single areole on the bottom half or so: - Caespitose pachanoi or maybe peruvianus, some of the pups aren't normal pups as in they didn't emerge from an areole, but rather that areole started swelling and morphing into a pup, as seen in the middle of the last pic: - Pachanoi seedlings from Koehres seeds, seemingly doing some funky stuff. They'll be grafted soon: - If hybrids count, here are some. First I have this magnificent Oscar x Helen grown by PedroPark. I might soon cut one of the tiny pups off and graft it: - TPM x SS02 crest, a thing of beauty. Sourced from Spooge like all the following plants: - TPM x Pachanoi Monstrose: - TPM x Pachanoi: - TPQC x TPM crest:
  14. Hey everyone, I was blessed with a large amount of very fresh Mitragyna speciosa var. "Green Malay" seeds coming straight from a Kratom farmer in Malaysia who harvested them. Someone I know is in direct contact with the farmer who sent him the seeds and he was kind enough to give me what I estimate to be at least a thousand of them. This is a rare opportunity and I'm very grateful. I haven't sown them yet but my friend already has many sprouts in less than a week. These are pic's from my last year's grow, Rifat seeds. Seed to propagation: This plant plays an important part in my life so it's important for me to share it. And what better place than SAB to share those, hey? Especially considering what I heard about Shaman Australis being the pioneers who grew out the seeds Claude Rifat brought back from Thailand, which gave birth to the famous Rifat clone. Any details on this? I'd love to hear more of that story @Torsten The farmer said he might be able to send more seeds of other cultivars soon as well. So I might do more of these giveaways in the near future. One is a strain they call "Urat Merah" in the Kuala Lumpur area, which the farmer said he thinks is the strain we call Red Vein Thai. Apparently we will receive those around mid-February. Another one would be seeds of horned kratom (sometimes called Maeng Da), he said a friend of his is traveling to Vietnam this spring and might be able to bring some seeds back for us. And finally, and I'm very interested in this one, he talked about a strain of kratom they call "Ketum Daun Jambu" which roughly translates to "Guava Kratom" of which he says the leaves are smaller than average but the potency is at least double that of other strains. Anyways, enough rambling, put a number between 1 - 100 down and I'll randomly pick 10 winners in a week or two. Please check if your number has already been picked, if two people pick the same number the first one will be the winner. The winners will get a pack of approximately 30-50 seeds of Green Malay, and I'll throw in some Rifat seeds as well which are starting to get a bit old (~10 months) but you might get lucky and have a few sprouts still. If by chance the "Urat Merah" a.k.a Red Thai seeds show up by the time the winners are picked I will include a pack of those as well.
  15. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Congrats Matt! Grab the seeds and give the flesh a nibble, it's a tiny but tasty treat
  16. MeanGreen

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Hot damn! Are those even trichos? (The 3rd one I'm sure but the first two idk, the listing doesn't even say what genus they are). Sorry not linking it's cheap af right now I will try to snipe one haha. This seller is a gold mine, just snagged this crazy 11cm L. diffusa cv. "Big Breast" or maybe cv. "Kikko" degraft for 16 euros, areole grafts galore ahead!
  17. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Damn, congrats! Still, this crazy Chinese nursery is selling those hylo grafts for just 8€ a piece, might have to snag one up.
  18. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Did you get it from China? Looking at some similar pieces right now.
  19. MeanGreen

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Not sure what I'm looking at but it's fucking beautiful! Crested godzilla ario?
  20. My mother has this huge Epiphyllum anguliger which throws those round almost spineless shoots that readily root while still attached to the plant. It seems to grow very fast and since Epiphyllums are related to Hylocereus I thought it could be a nice stock for seedlings. So today I cut a few of these shoots, potted them up and used a couple to graft some random tricho seedlings onto. Also grafted one to a shoot that's still on the plant, just for fun. Anyone here used or heard of Epiphyllum being used as grafting stock? Any reason it wouldn't work?
  21. MeanGreen

    Epiphyllum anguliger as grafting stock?

    Thank you zelly, that's a beauty!
  22. MeanGreen

    Epiphyllum anguliger as grafting stock?

    Good point, thanks a lot. I didn't know this species of Selenicereus, judging from the pictures it definitely could be it. I believe it has already flowered a few times, I'll ask her what colour the blooms are. edit: "The photosynthesising stem of this plant produces small adventitious roots along its surface that allow it to grip on to trees and climb as high as possible to obtain maximum light" Ok that's definitely it, thanks a lot for the ID HalcyonDaze!
  23. Sorry for the delay I was working out some logistics, the seeds are going out today.
  24. Very nice, I like the idea of adding some to salad. It should make any old salad nice and colorful if anything. I've got this all purple variety called "Black Dragon" I started from seed, maybe I'll try to revisit this plant once it gets larger.
  25. I've always been very sceptical of the reports of traditional use in South America "for centuries" because of the fact the plant originates from SE Asia. I believe it was from R. Gordon Wasson or maybe in Plants of the Gods that the whole myth originated, and I think it was found that the plant was actually bought by the shaman's daughter at the market because she liked the looks of it and it was a novelty in the area at the time.