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  1. Thisartismurder

    Wanted plants that move eg telegraph plant

    @waterboy 2.0 I am very interested in mimosa pudica and similar plants, I'm looking for ones that move quickly or at least quick enough that can be observed without a time lapse @Halcyon Daze
  2. Thisartismurder

    Wanted plants that move eg telegraph plant

    Looking for plants that move on their own or due to outside stimulus such as the telegraph plant
  3. Thisartismurder

    Wanting exotic flowers/exotic fruits

    Wanting exotic flowers and fruits such as passiflora species, hellebore hybrids etc
  4. I have a large psychotria alba, 2 argeryia nervosa (one with heart shaped leaves one with narrow leaves) 4 trichocereus hybrids, a brugmansia (fluffy ruffles type) and a couple other plants im wanting to trade for plants with exotic and beautiful flowers such as passiflora species, exotic heliobores etc. also looking for exotic edible fruits such as dragon fruit etc. thank you for your time
  5. Thisartismurder


    Never mind I found it haha
  6. Thisartismurder


    I looked at the list but it appears it only states the chemical not the actual legality of plants containing them
  7. Thisartismurder


    @Anodyne I did directly after I posted this haha @waterboy 2.0 thank you I tried googling it before but couldn't find a straight answer
  8. Thisartismurder


  9. I have a couple plants and 3 trichocereus hybrids for sale dm for more information
  10. Thisartismurder


    I have a couple brugmansia cuttings that are beginning to shot roots if anyone is interested dm me, not sure of exact species but the mother plant puts out your typical yellowish bell flowers
  11. Thisartismurder


    Only problem with photos of the parents is they're all kinda chopped up now :/
  12. Thisartismurder


    Sorry everyone still new to this haha thank you for the information though!
  13. Thisartismurder

    Free trade/unwanted plant/seed dump

    My bad everyone kinda new to this, me and mole have arranged a trade but you's are probably right about shutting this topic down haha sorry again for the confusion everyone
  14. Thisartismurder


    Hey guys selling seeds of my echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) x echinopsis peruviana (Peruvian torch) coming in packs of 100. only have 4 packs left
  15. Thisartismurder

    Lophophora pack 3 **UPDATED***

    Hi water trade what else do you have?