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  1. Questioner: For general development [of the] reader of this book, could you state some of the practices or exercises to perform to produce an acceleration toward the Law of One?

    Ra: I am Ra.

    Exercise One. This is the most nearly centered and usable within your illusion complex. The moment contains love. That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously seek that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking powers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.

    Exercise Two. The universe is one being. When a mind/body/spirit complex views another mind/body/spirit complex, see the Creator. This is an helpful exercise.

    Exercise Three. Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.

    Exercise Four. Gaze at the creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity. See the Creator.

    The foundation or prerequisite of these exercises is a predilection towards what may be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit.

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  2. Also I forgot to mention to bring your musical instruments along for a bit of jam session as well.


    FerdieJ - No dramas. All the best with the move. The next one Is earmarked for March 2020 so hopefully we’ll catch you at that one.


    Pedro99 - Yes you can either camp (powered/unpowered) in a tent or sleep in your car or walk in. The first 2 will cost money and walk ins I’m pretty sure they won’t charge you if you aren’t staying the night. There are excellent facilities including toilets, showers and BBQ facilities and it’s a 5 min walk into the Main Street. There’s also a skate park, basketball court and bowls club next door.


    Humbolt - no worries mate. The kids and the adults will probably be in the pool the whole time especially if it’s hot and humid. It’s the biggest pool I’ve ever see and it’s free too. Hope to catch you at either this or the next one. 


    If if there are any other questions, feel free to post them on here as others probably will have the same questions.


    Thanks again for the the kind words and support in getting this initiative off the ground.


    Love & Light 


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  3. Welcome.


    I greet you in the Love & Light.


    It's with great pleasure that we announce a Special SAB Camp being held in Nimbin, NSW.


    Please see the attached invitation:




    A Small Ethnobotanical Gathering Under The Stars


    Queen's Birthday Long Weekend (Qld)

    Friday 4 October 2019 - Monday 7 October 2019


    Nimbin Crystal Tourist Park

    29 Sibley Street, Nimbin NSW 2480


    Camping: Adults $17pn & Children $5pn | 3-4 Person Camper Vans: $75pn


    SAB Members, Their Partners, Children and Pets Are All Welcome


    Camping | Bonfires | Corroboree | BBQs | Bush Walks | Swimming | Activities


    *** Please note that RSVP registration is required ***


    The purpose of this event is to bring together old and new SAB members in a relaxed environment to share knowledge of sacred plants and spend quality time together.


    Our old friend AndyAmine organised similar events and I think it will be a fitting tribute to get these going again on a regular basis.


    It's going to be a fantastic weekend and I really look forward to welcoming everyone.


    If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


    Look forward to seeing you there.


    Love & Light





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  4. Hi Acacia,


    Pretty much what every one else has said. It looks like a hydration issue to me which is very unusual for this plant as it is drought tolerant.  Have you re-potted it lately or done something to the soil? Perhaps the mix is too quick draining. If you soak the pot in a bucket with water and SeaSol for a couple of hours it should bounce back. They have a stunning root system. Once they are in the ground they take care of themselves. I hope that helps. If the plant doesn't make it let me know. Happy to send you some seeds or cuttings so you can have another crack.

  5. Welcome.


    I greet you in the Love and in the Light.


    I’m giving away free seed packs of Leonotis nepetifolia - Lion’s Ear - 10 fresh seeds.




    The first 5x people to post on here will be the lucky recipients. Please also send me a PM with where you would like it posted.


    Have a great weekend.


    Love & Light





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  6. Interesting!


    Have you considered giving Aspirin a go?


    Asprin mixed with water and foliar sprayed in the early morning has been shown to increase plant size and yield in vegetable and ethno gardens alike.


    Acetylsalicylic acid is the active ingredient in Aspirin and is derived from Salicylic Acid, which is naturally found in Willow Bark among others.


    It works exceptionally well on any plant in the Nightshade family.


    Let us know how your experimentation goes - you might be onto something here.


    Love & Light

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  7. Some info on targets for custard apple solution can be found here:




    For rats: Try peppermint oil spray or fresh mint leaves scattered around the plant. Rodents hate that smell. I’ve also heard sprinkling kitty litter near your plant with cat piss in it deters rodents as they think there is a cat about. 


    For possums: 1x cup of molasses into a litre of water sprayed onto the plant is said to be effective.  They also hate the strong smell of mothballs. I’d try the mothballs first. 


    For Bandicoots: they hate strong ammonia smells so maybe some chicken poop or dynamic lifter around the plant will keep them away. 


    For kangaroos: an old bloke taught me that simply using 40cm tall bamboo stakes in the ground positioned in a triangle around the plant keeps them away. I’ve seen this first hand and was surprised how effective it was. Seems they are worried about shanking their eyes out when they feed.


    I hope that helps.



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  8. Welcome.


    I greet you in the Love and Light.


    Natural pesticides are a cheaper and often safer alternative to commercially manufactured products. It is not old fashioned to formulate your own products, rather it is a smart use of the natural resources that are often readily available.


    I especially like natural products that don't necessarily kill but instead make my plants so unpalatable that the so-called pests simply pack up shop and move on. No loss of life, plants are happy, I'm happy - problem solved.


    Here are a few recipes I've come across. This is not an exhaustive list so please feel free to contribute and add your own recipes, tips and tricks.




    Neem (Azadirachta indica)

    Recipe: Collect mature seeds, wash and remove the husk, and allow to dry completely. Take 40 grams of seeds and grind them into a fine powder. Mix the powder in 1 litre of water and soak overnight. Strain the liquid and apply using a spray bottle. Used as a fungicide, nematicide and bactericide.


    Custard Apple (Annona squamosa)
    Recipe: Collect 100g of seeds and dry. Grind into a fine powder. Mix with 4 litres of water and soak overnight.


    Chili Peppers (Capsicum frutescens)

    Recipe: Collect 50g of chilies and dry. Grind into a fine powder, taking extra care not to touch your penis, rub your eye, pick your nose or inhale the dust. Mix with 1 litre of water and soak overnight.


    Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica)

    Recipe: N. rustica contains 9x more nicotine than other species making it ideal as a pesticide. Collect healthy, fresh leaves which are free of spots. During flowering the leaves are at their strongest. Mix 80 grams of whole dry leaves with 1 litre of water and soak for two days. Best applied in the early morning before sunrise due to its volatile nature. CAUTION: Nicotine is toxic, do not breath the vapours or allow spray to drift onto the skin.


    Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium)

    Recipe: The active ingredient is found in the flowers. Collect only fully opened flowers. Mix 100 grams of dried flowers in 1 litre of water and soak for one day.


    Garlic (Allium sativum).

    Recipe: Finely grate 1 bulb of garlic and mix with 1 litre of water. Its effect on the plant lasts only for 1-3 days after applying it.


    Love & Light

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