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    After a few plants in Perth

    hey guys just a heads up that old mate wont be at the market this weekend either. he has a gumtree ad that he updates weekly n you can check availability that way. its way too hot at the moment n hes staying home to tend to things. i sell plants as well but have been taking a break the past few months due to a death in the family, but am gearing up again. if you msg me with what youre after ill let you know. ive got all the usual suspects plus a few other guys like ginger, white sapote, aji chillies. oh n ive got a heap of cactus needing new homes. some bigger guys plus a bunch of year-old seedlings in tubs. this heat is doing my head in by now n i need to thin out the collection again so im not running around watering all day
  2. SVonKnives

    After a few plants in Perth

    i can sort you out if youre still keen mate. ive got a couple of slightly bigger ayas available at the moment as well in 200mm pots. im located sor, swing us a msg if you fancy