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  1. so much to do, so little time. youd think 2021 would give me enough time to just mozy along but im already finding myself chasing the clock. didn't get my river chill, just a swim one day.
  2. godless

    Scale on Cactus

    de pot, clean the roots so you have access to all areas around the base, tooth brush and a warm water rinse is my tactic. works well. let it dry and pot up in dry soil and keep dry for a fortnight or so
  3. godless

    Scale on Cactus

    white oil will strip any glaukus/blue sheen straight off. back to green. its good shit, just thought id mention the de sheening thing.
  4. godless

    Horse LED Cactica Thread

    i had great success using a ufo LED that looks identical to that for raising seeds. bit slack at the mo with moving and such but once I get up and running ill be getting a few more
  5. godless

    don't cha hate it when..

    you hear a noise at the door so you get up to let the cat in, you get halfway to the door and realize...oh that's right, no cat at the moment, shes in hospital with a snake bite.
  6. godless

    The Random Thread.

    I like scops
  7. godless

    Which one of these soils?

    ive actually thought about trying to rig a system to plant some 6ft cacti upside down so they do the snake thing and turn upwards.
  8. ive had a hellish year, moving, selling, planting, building. I was thinking I might take 3 months when im finally settled and go to Peru/Bolivia/ Ecuador/ Chile and buy a motorbike and suss out some cacti and ancient stuff. I was just wondering what people think about me doing it on my lonesome, would it be safe do you think.
  9. godless

    Which one of these soils?

    whichever you choose sift it through 1/4 inch sieve, it will remove any big chunks of wood and break up the soil allowing more oxygen to the root zone. I just use a 50/50 mix of soil (I use mushroom compost but most store bought bags of potting mix will be fine for trichs) and 7-10mm rock, a mineral rock like scoria would be best, not sure about availability of scoria in WA, in vic there is a quarry in bachus marsh for the bright red scoria and one in Hamilton with a darker colour. I don't use perlite for any trichs, only tbms and even then once they are a decent size its not necessary. I don't use sand because of the tendency for it to cake up over time and hinder drainage. each to their own though, im positive there are people who use sand an perlite and have great success. Cant really give you a proper answer...just tell you what I do.
  10. godless

    The Random Thread.

    worlds coolest bottle opener
  11. godless

    Peru, by myself, tips, guidance

    aight, officially rain checking this till mid 2018, I can already see its not going to happen this year.
  12. godless

    Harrisia jusbertii

    im working on having these readily available, started with a 10cm cutting, suffered through snails and slugs at the old joint, im not game to put one in the ground yet though.
  13. godless

    Quotes of the day.

    I wish I'd slept with more girls I wish I'd done more drugs, I wish I'd done more drugs I wish I'd slept with more girls
  14. godless

    Post a random CACTI picture thread

    fat scop pup again, 100% this will just turn into a standard branch. a pic of a standard pup also for compare. Yowie, again this will turn into a standard branch, you can already see it dropping ribs, it looked a lot cooler 2 weeks ago when I should have taken the pic.
  15. godless

    Quotes of the day.

    rock n roll is music for the angry and depraved so you cant really rock n roll, until your middle aged. moaning between headjobs rockstars say theyre so depressed they should try out a real job and a boss that's not impressed if its so fucking hard being young, beautiful and rich come on down the office cockhead, id be glad for us to switch so you can sing about rebellion and experiment with drug binging, but you wont get really angry, until your teenage kids start whinging.
  16. i will do one of 2 things, hibernate or go to peru for 3 months, If I go to peru I will return and release the location of my farm, but if peru is put off to 2018 then so will the release of the location. I aint going overseas for 3 months with people knowing the location. once im back im back for good, this will be my last hurrah.
  17. i be over shrooms, just not feeling the love anymore. im a trich man now. all the way. trichs trichs trichs
  18. man...so tired of cactus, so tired of digging, potting, commerce im gunna take a week and float 100km down the murray, maybe throw out a fishing line, maybe buy a kite. but mainly just float, and chill, maybe buy an umbrella. peru's still on the cards, but the cost is starting to cramp my style.
  19. godless

    Post your track of the day

  20. godless

    Post your track of the day

    heard this from futurama and a quick google found this, been in my head all day.