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  1. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    i wonder what species seed it came from.
  2. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    not sure mate, I don't know heaps about them, im trying to keep all opuntia out of my garden due to their spreading potential but this bloke is extremely close to me so I can just wander over and pick fruit whenever anyway. I remember Robert at fields was having trouble with a few self seeded plants popping up randomly (only after 80 years though lol), probly from birds eating them and then shitting out the seeds. I wanna be careful when it comes to potentially invasive species, the fruits do have a lot of seeds in them and theyre quite tasty and a good aphrodisiac.
  3. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    the spines on the pads are workable, not the glochid type spines, but the fruits have tiny glochids on them, pick them with good gloves, and then to remove the glochids put them all together in a bucket of warm water and stir, this will remove most of the glochids, I did this the other day and ate 3 fruit and didn't end up with a single glochid anywhere in me. alternatively you put them over a flame and burn the glochids off. cuts will be single pads as multiple segments attached are a bitch to post.
  4. "Sally-Anne finally went to far, she ended up with tapes that gave NSW cops a lot of mentions...she had to go" - Blue Murder - a few vallies and a few drinks and some more of my random bollocks tv/movie quotes, at least im containing it to my own thread now.
  5. @Mapacho I decided to put all my cliff into propagation so nothing in the ground yet.
  6. godless

    Post your track of the day

    on a bit of a kasey chambers trip this evening
  7. yeah its behaving a bit strangely, but its all just environmental in my opinion. the other one might just drop a rib or 2 and go normal again, might pup, might split without pupping, who knows, but I think im dreaming when I hope for a crest lol.
  8. I was going to wait until these guys settled in before posting, but I couldn't resist, this is the beginning of my more aesthetically pleasing ornamental cacti area. An Oreocereus ( was growing a bit askew in the pot it came out of so that's why its planted the way it is, im hoping it will straighten up but not sure on this one), and Pachycereus Pringlei is the big fella. fkn stoked with the Pringlei I am.
  9. (botany) - (of branching) in which the axis is divided into two branches. so I guess yeah its dichotomous, but in other situations theres no "pupping" just a splitting of the growing tip into two branches.
  10. after looking at this everyday ive decided you are the winner nrivers, I will lock that name in. ill contact you for a prize
  11. godless


    always on the hunt for these if the price is right. I'll never have enough
  12. Im looking for a head torch that is really really bright with the best battery life possible, I don't mind if its a chunky thing or slimline, not concerned about type of battery, just long life and BRIGHT. if anyone has any experience or links it would be much appreciated. cheers.
  13. don't do much selling on here, just thought id test the waters. these 2 are previously unreleased, bought 2 seedlings from collectors corner as peruvianus 8 - 10 years ago, obviously they are bridgesii. asking 40 per 25cm tip, aprox 10 available of each, would prefer to sell them as pairs, as name follows. "sister" and "brother". buyer pays post "sister" short spined "brother" standard spined
  14. godless

    2x unreleased trich bridgesii

    I guess these are "released" now. bugger it, im not changing the title until at least 10 pairs are sold. I read somewhere here or maybe somewhere else that a clone isn't worth a damn really until its out there and several people have them. no point trying to name a clone for longevity if the only ones in your garden. get on it peeps and help create 2 new clones, 1/cm is pretty standard and if you order a 30cm it will be 33-35cm will need time to cut and heal before post
  15. godless

    2x unreleased trich bridgesii

    still minimum 7 pairs to go, if you want singular don't hesitate to ask..
  16. godless

    is this a trich?

    is there any consensus here @Evil Genius wondering if you still think this is browningia since I posted the extra photos??
  17. godless

    ID please, Dawsons

    its not really my business to discuss prices on an open forum sorry. But I can say we spent %80 of the day working trying to straighten up a plant that was leaning heavily into another plant, then at the end of the day we got a few cuts (paid for). there were 5 of us and we had a scaffold setup, it was quite an operation.
  18. godless

    ID please, Dawsons

    yeah I reckon that's the one, the one in the front of the pic. how old are your pics? just ask cause the piece I got was coming off the side about 7 foot high, maybe its not shown cause of the angle of the pic..?
  19. godless

    ID please, Dawsons

    na not that plant, although I was lucky enough to get a very decent sized piece of that plant. its one of the ones in a row of 4 or so very close together, on the far left at the front of the garden, I think second if you come from the side fence
  20. godless

    ID please, Dawsons

    na not the classic unobtainable short spined terscheckii
  21. sunday day parties welcome
  22. sounds good nrivers, very good..
  23. godless

    Favorite Quotes

    "don't fuck with the springy nips" ~TISM~
  24. godless

    ID please on this 7' beast

    ripper! what a quick response! cheers again EG!