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  1. Hi guys, Looking to buy some peruvianus and bridgesii cuttings to grow out in my garden. Please drop me a message with the lengths and prices and postage please
  2. twisties

    Perth Mega Cactus Clearance!

    hey man, any luck selling?
  3. twisties

    Lions mane spores or culture

    Hey guys, looking for lions mane spores or culture, drop me a message if you can hook me up
  4. twisties

    Visitation by birds

    I think magpies are part of the corvid family which include the very mystical and intelligent ravens. I think Odins messengers and guardians were 2 ravens called Huginn and Muninn. Thought and Memory.
  5. I have had what I would consider entity experiences but none through entheogens (have yet to have tried them). All of my experiences have been through a still unconfirmed phenomena called an out of body experiences. My most memorable experience happened a year ago and it involved this giant purple twilight tree with bright purple crystals hanging off its branches. It was so surreal.
  6. Looking for some psilocybin prints for microscopy please. Drop me a message if you have any.
  7. twisties

    Wanted passiflora incarnata seed NZ

    Man I wish you were local to Australia. My neighbour has a huge vine that is overflowing into my backyard. Such pretty (but odd) flowers too.
  8. twisties

    Grafting stock giveaway

  9. twisties

    SAB Yohimbe Bark

    Haha will do, let the tent pitching commence!
  10. twisties


    Thanks for the reply waterboy
  11. twisties

    Unusual plant blooming patterns

    I really have no trouble believing this is the hottest June on record, there is something up with the weather patterns for sure
  12. twisties

    Preparing Sceletium in Winter

    Hi all, its winter right now with not much sunlight as all and its almost impossible for me to do the traditional 7 day in sunlight fermentation. I have read about a oven based preparation method i.e. heating the crushed plant material at 150 degrees celsius for an hour or so. Does anyone know if this works or if there are any alternative methods of preparation available? Regards
  13. twisties


    Does anyone know how to get yohimbine in Australia?