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  1. Hi guys. Just found these guys growing in a woodchip garden bed in my yard. Hoping they are P. subaeruginosa? Might be a bit early to tell. Can I ask for tips on how to make this patch thrive for the future? This is the first time I have seem them growing in my yard - I really want to make these guys sustainable for the future!
  2. Jai

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Zed how did your patch go this year?
  3. Jai

    Geelong Region Acacia

    Interesting about the mescaline from eucalyptus! Probably not something I am willing to pursue, but definitely something I am interested in studying. I will have to also study the Acacia Elata, I have never heard of these. Perhaps I have seen them but misidentified.
  4. Jai

    Agaricus xanthodermus

    It is incredible how many A.xanthodermus I am seeing in the Geelong, Vic area the past few days! I reckon I could walk in a 1km straight line any direction and find over 100 of these. I wish our friend P.subaeruginosa was this social!
  5. Jai

    Geelong Region Acacia

    For the Acacias, I may have identified some A.sophorae around Torquay. Elata and oxycedrus? I know of Elata, these are a Eucalyptus species. Are you implying that our beloved gum trees could be active?
  6. Jai

    Geelong Region Acacia

    Excellent list! Unfortunately most of these species yield either very little or no tryptamines. Acacia mearnsii has the highest potential, but initial test extracts from trunk bark have yielded a waxy extract that did not bioassay well.