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  1. My guess would be unless you have any ‘proof’ and would be going through the legal system, there’s little to nothing that could be or would be done. And in that case depending on the true nature of the call out, could prompt further unnessary harassment. 

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  2. A few years ago we bought a water urn with filters. I grew up in NQ and the tap water was pretty good and never really gave it a second thought. Once I moved to SEQ I immediently noticed the water was horrid to drink. Probably not as bad as other places in Aus but still it wasn’t nice. I’m pretty sure my cordial intake tripled to help mask the taste as a counter measure lol. 


    The water urn and filters were the best thing I’ve ever done to water. The taste is so much more pure and enjoyable. We also noticed it felt better when you drank it. 


    Just thought I’d share a pic of a years worth of water sludged onto the first filter before and after it’s cleaned. The second filter is encased in plastic so I could really get a before an after shot of that one. 


    Filter your water - it’s worth it.



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  3. Look into sugarbag bees. Or any Australian native stingless bees. That way you don’t need bee keeping suits and smokers and your helping out native little buggers out. Hives usually go anywhere from $250-$600 depending on who you get it from. http://www.sugarbag.net/


    While our native bees arnt really the best for honey production (if that’s your purpose) they can give small amounts once a hive is established. 


    Personally have no experience with bees (yet) other than watching the hoards around my yard go for any flowers that pop up.


    good luck and hope you get your bees.

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  4. I found the days diet played a huge role in outcome of effects. Empty stomach with small feasting of fruit was the best. But as Bardo says, scrape and burn is the way to go unless you want to spend more time prepping. Never had much visual effect for me - even at 18 seeds. But the body load was intense. Trying to move was not an easy experience either. 


    I tend to agree with DualWieldRake in that you teach yourself. Plant teachers just help you listen to what’s already there. Although I can relate to the absence of lessons being presented - other than stomach aches hurt lol. 

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  5. It amazes me (and well i guess just a equally doesn’t amaze me) that some people don’t know/understand/acknowledge such a basic concept. We have this extraordinary complex machine we pilot but without using it, it begins to fail (prematurely). I guess a lot stems down to the preconditioning and brainwashing our (western) society has implemented. Laziness too, and people’s dispositions of lack of time. The majority want a quick fix and not a lifestyle choice to better themselves. 


    Great little video. Thanks for sharing. 

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  6. We recently cut back our overgrown herb garden and it got me thinking again - what can I do with all this extra herb. Yes I could dry it and use it in cooking but it’s always on hand for fresh stuff so drying seems a bit of a waste of time to me at this point. 

    My partner loves essential oils and I want to get her something to start small with and see what becomes from that. Reading @Alchemica posts makes me want to try it even more with such benefits from plant extracts. So I’ve sorta narrowed my thoughts to two options but would really love any input, thoughts, suggestions etc to nudge me the right way. I know it’s not as simple as just doing it and a lot of refinement will be required to get desired results but hey, dunno till ya try.


    First up I seen this:


    while not for making essential oils but more so infused butter/oil - I thought maybe a good starting point as it seems very simple and useful (maybe should just get one for the kitchen anyways).


    and the other option:



    or any other the other varieties on the bay of e.


    this seems to be perhaps more useful in actually extracting essential oils (or making moonshine lol) but it’s probably a cheap piece of fecal matter that could be a waste of time/money. In which if it were a waste the first option would probably be better value. My other concern with this device is the heating cost. Wood fire is cheap but temperature control would be tedious, and using electrical heating would become expensive (until I get solar/battery) vs just buying the oils.


    Anyone played with these things before and have any starting points to go from.


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  7. 7 hours ago, Sallubrious said:

    They're going through the mulcher tomorrow - several thousand dollars worth of lophs. rare trichos and a shit load of rare species that are almost extinct.


    This is most unwise. It’s like the guy protecting the last white rhinos and saying - what a waste of time it was protecting this rare animal and contributing to the betterment of the earth. I’ll just shoot him now. 


    I don’t know specifically what all the drama is about, and not knowing usually means I should keep my input out.

    But I’ll say this - I came to this forum because I love plants. At a guess id say most people here joined for the same reason. Having all the other banter that flys around is just a bonus that make this place a bit more interesting. And... we’re human - with human conflict - and this we cannot escape while we inhabit our vessels. But we can question, learn and attempt to better understand the situations we create, others and ourselves. And through the mirrors of perception we find the rise of disagreement as two mirrors oppose each other yet both compete for the same light. 

    Is there a lesson to be learnt here? Is this a sign to alter course? At it’s core, is there merit for such reaction? The answers are individual, self perceived and only ones self can derive meaning  to support cause. 


    Im not here to say stay or go - your choice is your own and rightfully so. But I will say:


    United we stand - divided we fall. 



    On a quick side note I would have hated to be a christian in a chat room back in the 90s. Lol

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  8. 42 minutes ago, ThunderIdeal said:

    Im not interested in being fed as livestock receives feed, looking up at its farmer with a vague sense of contempt but mainly overwhelming gratitude and confusion and certainly no fucking idea what is coming.  no i say.  I'd rather be taken for an idiot than bite into a pre-packaged explanation.


    100% Agree

  9. Conspiracy theories are interesting. I mean you can’t just make that shit up...can you? Lol. I mean... I find their like religions - no religion is the truth but there is truth in them all. Perhaps the same applies. Also apparently it was a conspiracy theory once that cigarettes caused cancer. 

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  10. Educate me:- is passiflora the passion fruit vine? Like purple or yellow? Or it is a similar species. My yellow passion fruit vine has cool flowers which look similar. 

    I read the passion fruit vine was passiflora edilus but really not sure if this is correct and or if the species your after are even the same plant. 

  11. Is there a good link that summarises the qanon posts and their ‘extracted meanings’. I’m not up on it enough to read the qanon posts and make any sense of it. I just worked out what a POTUS was lol , and to think I’ve been calling it poo all these years. 


    Seriously though, any good links?