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  1. Project Veritas - worth researching. Israel... research. World doctors alliance, Rome accord. Why boosters? Doesn’t that mean the first round doesn’t work? Look at any countries statistics and draw your own conclusions. You don’t need it, you never did. Oh, and still to date, cv19 has never been isolated. 
    the mockingbird media isn’t going to tell you any facts. But there are plenty of actual experts (with names and credentials unlike the experts of MSM) in the field with damming evidence. Research is your friend. 

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  2. I’ve learnt diatomaceous earth is one of the best control measures for pests in the garden. Also fly traps - mix a heaped table spoon of vegemite with boiling water (to dissolve) and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. And put in a fly trap. I found vegemite works better than the crap sold at bunnies. 

    we had a bad fruit fly problem last year, so I put 6 traps through the yard and perimeter of the fence line. Took a while and constant changes of the vegemite mix (lasts around a 2-4 weeks) but got on top of it. Now the fly traps are always there. 

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  3. Makes sense using those materials as well. I think the idea is to reduce contaminated soil in the area while the mycilium establishes. 

    damn I need to start growing mushroom and mushies soon. But time time time... aarrgghh 

  4. Over the weekend I had the idea to try grow mushrooms outside. The write up I read talked about layers of wood chips and spawn in a raised bed, I was goons try a 1m sq bed to try grow king oysters. I literally have no exp with mushrooms other than cow poop lol. So if this sounds like a dumb idea. Please slander me lol. (SEQ climate)

  5. Thanks all. Times are tough. And I acknowledge the fact we have to make the most of what we have with us - literally all yesterday my body felt horrid. Anyone know much about Schuman resonance? Apartly a lot of people of other chat groups im in noticed yesterday they felt horrid too. 

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  6. I just want to write this to get it off my chest. While I haven’t been here and active for a fair while, trying to find people is hard. I literally have no close friends. Over my life every friend I had had gone for numerous reasons. Right now - I am literally internally scared as fuck with the state of Australia and the world.

    how are you all feeling? At this stage I feel like how I imagine most do - aware but got no idea what to do about the problem staring us in the face. I try to see light at the end of the tunnel, and hope there’s a force that will resolve this. But as we go further and further I just am starting to lose hope that the collective can raise its consciousness in time to stop this episode of humanity. Strength comes in unity - and this whole thing is the separate and divide us all. How do we deal with all this. 

  7. Oh I agree, it wouldn’t be like any/every country that has one. I was told being commonwealth we do fall under the UK bill of rights indirectly (whatever that means) but yeah. Like you say - easy to pass something people agree on (indoctrinated lol ). Either way - I’d love to see society realise they have an immune system and start learning how to be healthier... but that’s probably not easy for many who love to destroy themselves lol. 

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  8. Dunno if anyone saw, but apparently the only polio left is from vaccinations.... problem in Aussie land is we don’t actually have a bill of rights, so th way could alter law easily to make it mandatory. Problem is - you need a control group to actually know if it works... or placebo effect control. Either way - I’m seeing people divided again over the wrong issue. 

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  9. I chopped mine back to a trunk (branch (twig lol - it’s about a thumb round)) in October... had zero leaves... it’s now massive again. I think the biggest thing is making sure it doesn’t dry out around the base if you cut it back while it re grows.

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