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  1. I wish i had sally again. Was such a beautiful plant. I never used it so no idea what thats all about. but the leaves were so nice. But we had big rains one year and i think it got root rot. touchy things

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  2. yeah ive never gotten a bag load in one go. only ever enough. Im interested in these cubes. I seen alot today, but after i seen some pans, i didnt bother with the cubes. I know pans. but i could have filled bag loads of cubes. (if they are actually cubes) today.

  3. Yeah it’s tricky. I had a dozen plants sent from VIC to QLD for my Xmas present. 2 died, the others all good. They all came in 50mm tubes and the soil looked like normal potting mix mixed with water crystals and then packing taped up to keep the soil in. 

    I think it’s a combination of a lot of things,

    type of plant, the stress of posting, how longs it takes, the conditions during post (oops box left in the sun etc) and the climatization of the plant on its new environment. 
    last time I had acacias sent to me they were in 50mm tubes as well... and well. Now one of those is 10m tall lol. 

  4. Meh, I used to do it, now I never worry other than a piece of gravel just to keep the drainage holes open. I think it’s more the soil mix than the layer of drainage gravel. If the soil is mud, it’s gonna hold water no matter how well the drainage layer is done.  
    in larger pots, I add worms and worm castings, they help to airate the soil. 

    other thing is when it rains, get your pots out to be flushed through with the rain water. 

  5. I seen a basic evap water setup at my local bee keeping supplier - they had it feeding the veggie patch. Next time I go back im going to have to have a better look. I would imagine while only crude evap is used being for plants, the same concept then fed through a filter would do the trick. even a UV light to kill any bacteria.

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  6. Yeah ok. I defiantly think it’s blue meanies I’m familiar with. And defiantly saw none of them around. These ones I found just stood out and looked ‘obvious’. But really I need another soul to show me first hand I think. I’m not game enough to down a maybe mushrooms lol. 

  7. Yeah. We ended up going around Tamborine. Nothing really. Found a few that look possible - but now I think I’m gonna put the call out to anyone who wants a picking buddy in the next week or so to hit me up. I think I need someone who knows the climate and can ID the ones around. I didn’t see anything I’m familiar with from NQ. 

  8. Love it - I want to do the same. But time and money is my issue. Not sure about a commercial version. You can get solar water boilers any the like, perhaps copy the idea. Otherwise you’d use the suns evap power if you didn’t want to use a heating element. I would add a final stage to the drinking water using a ceramic filter like the ones in the water urns you can buy. as a way to reduce the final water collection from becoming stagnet or anything, you can buy these ‘rocks’ to sit in the water. Literally can’t remember what they are called. But there’s a silver one and a mineral one. 

  9. Wonder how the fungi will go with all the rain around. I really wanna go picking, never done it in seq before. My partner made the comment she wanted to try it (even though I’ve been trying to educate her for years) cause she has now heard about all the studies and benifits etc. I guessing any paddocks around Maleny to Woodford are promising? 

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  10. On 20/10/2021 at 4:42 PM, Glaukus said:

    When you say research, please tell me you don't mean watching videos on certain sites. 

    How is taking information from professionals in the industry an issue? These people are not just randoms. Especially the rome accord and world doctors alliance ... or American frontline doctors. 

    im not interested in you tubers but rather people who are literally the people who do the science and do actual investigative reporting.