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  1. Zedo

    The Storm

    100% Agree
  2. Zedo

    The Storm

    Conspiracy theories are interesting. I mean you can’t just make that shit up...can you? Lol. I mean... I find their like religions - no religion is the truth but there is truth in them all. Perhaps the same applies. Also apparently it was a conspiracy theory once that cigarettes caused cancer.
  3. Zedo

    JDR's cash

    Nice. Looks great. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Zedo


    Oh wow. Do they grow similar to edilus just without fruit? Or do they also fruit? I might have to put my request in too soon.
  5. Zedo


    Educate me:- is passiflora the passion fruit vine? Like purple or yellow? Or it is a similar species. My yellow passion fruit vine has cool flowers which look similar. I read the passion fruit vine was passiflora edilus but really not sure if this is correct and or if the species your after are even the same plant.
  6. Zedo

    The Storm

    Is there a good link that summarises the qanon posts and their ‘extracted meanings’. I’m not up on it enough to read the qanon posts and make any sense of it. I just worked out what a POTUS was lol , and to think I’ve been calling it poo all these years. Seriously though, any good links?
  7. Zedo

    don't cha hate it when..

    ..................you forgot dimitri was in the bowl..................
  8. Zedo

    Project Coc Hyena if I may ..

    Guessing your not in Aussie. Cause it’s quite illegal to cultivate here for any reason I’m pretty sure. If your somewhere where it’s not illegal it shouldn’t be too hard to source. But if Glaukus is right and the seeds have a short period of viability might make it real hard unless someone down the road had any. Good luck though.
  9. Yes please. Which reminds me I need to go to the dentist. Pm’d
  10. Zedo

    Trump Watch

    Probably need people with those morals to start infiltrating those jobs to expose and change things too. Fine line to walk on though
  11. How longs it been in the pot? Could be the roots need more room. Or perhaps it’s gettting too much sun (if you’ve had any scorchers in the last month. Could have cooked the soil and roots. I’d put it in a shadier spot for a bit too just to see if it changes colour. Also I would worry about fertilising your cacti. That could have burned the roots too or put too much of a certain nutrient into its soil. id repot it in some new cacti succ mix, water it, put it somewhere with partial shade and leave it be
  12. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    Reading through other posts I defiantly think #1 and #3 are carthagenesis. #2 more likely viridis, although unsure if shipibo or good ole regular flavour.
  13. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    #3 - I think this is the same type as number 1. But please offer your opinion.
  14. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    Ok so now it’s a ID thread lol. So please help ID these 3 plants. #1
  15. Zedo

    The Storm

    Had a read the link you posted in another post. Sorta up to speed a bit. I’d love to know what other countries are doing too or is this a US effort. Like the Uranium deals with Russia. Is Russia all apart of the global corrupt or are they too cleaning up their people. What does this mean for our sell out pollies? That’s if any of this holds truth.
  16. Almost looks like it’s being eaten. How drys the pot? When mine get light coloured I soak the pot in full sunlight for a day and they swell up and get dark again. Though it does looked scared. Any other plants with similar damage or just the cacti?
  17. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    I got viridis, carthagenensis, and a shipibo I believe off a member here. Had a few die and 3 live. Honestly thought it was viridis. I’ll post a few pics of each later. If their not viridis guess I’ll be requesting one soon.
  18. Had drama yesterday and this morning where I’d load up the site and it looked like (see picture). Looked like I wasn’t logged in, but there was no where I could log in. i reset thre browser cache etc but nothing. I had to search mr google for tee corroboree login to find the login page. Bug?
  19. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    The grasshoppers at mine seems to go for the roses and hibiscus atm so I’m sorta lucky for that. After the fence is finished I’m buying a few chickens. Perhaps they will help clear the populations a bit.
  20. Zedo

    P. Viridis scale? And now ID request.

    I used to make a chili garlic spray but the grasshoppers always came back the next day. Maybe I’ll try your simple solution. Probably better than the bought stuff lol.
  21. Zedo

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    I thinks I’ll be buying a few tubes to sprout these in. Any recommendations for sowing medium? Keep it damp? Or let it dry out between waters?
  22. Zedo

    Logged in? But not.

    I’ll give that a whirl next time it plays up. Yeah I was on the iPad last night. No probs there. Maybe it’s faults when logged into two devices?