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  1. Oh defiantly man. Also to spread the love too others once my seed bank get going. Like I could give people a starter kit or something. Like heirloom seeds I've read are probably what I'm chasing more so.
  2. Yeah I know there's lots to learn, I understand I'd be renewing my seeds each crop or two. But I guess that's how you get a better seed bank... By taking seeds from the best fruit and veg etc. one thing I'm aiming for is variety. I love chilli so as an example it would be good to have lots of types of chilli. had a thought... Would those moisture absorbing sachets be good to keep away moisture or are they poisonous ?
  3. Well I'll be growing everything, but want to keep a seed bank of everything too.
  4. Yeah I want to eliminate fridging it. I'm want to get a catalog of fruit and veggies. And other good plants.
  5. While you could try rooting hormone I don't know how well it works on cacti. An old neighbor of mine who operated a farm in their younger years swore by using a thin layer of organic honey as a rooting hormone. I don't know if it'll work on cacti but just throwing some thoughts out there.
  6. While I'm sure many people have already gained the knowledge along the lines of this, I just thought its worth a share.
  7. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    Years ahead dude. I've wanted every cacti since I was like 13. I left most of my collection with family when I moved. But it's time to get them all again
  8. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    Hi all. Years ago... Like 10 I think. I bought heaps of seeds of all sorts of things off here at SAB. But some didn't grow etc and I moved and lost some etc. anyways ive got this one tall cacti I grew from seed. I think it was the only one to survive. But it's going glorious and has new heads coming out the bottom. Can anyone ID it?
  9. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    Damn so nothin flash about it hey? Think I need some pedro and torches
  10. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    Kk242? What's that refer to?
  11. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    That sucks (dreams crash lol) oh well. It still looks great. Thanks again mate.
  12. Zedo

    Grow my cacti garden

    I love cacti and succulent. Their so great to have, easy to look after. im looking for Peruvians and pachanoi babies or seeds. Preferable babies. Larger cuts are welcome too. If if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
  13. Zedo

    Sexy cacti ID help

    Thankyou. It this a pedro or Peruvian torch? Only cause their the only seeds I've ever bought but I didn't think it was one of them
  14. Zedo

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I know I've probably missed out this year. But being sorta new to bris reigon I don't know where to look. If anyone can offer some advice I'd love it. Would love to make some prints and press them in glass.
  15. Zedo

    Post your word of the moment

  16. Zedo

    Help growing my garden

    Gday friends, I'm looking for anyone (particularly around SEQ) that could help me add to my garden. I don't have much atm. But I've always loved plants, and recently even more so. Any cacti cutting or seeds, and any spirited plants are what I'm looking for. psychotria viridis would be nice. Or anything that grows reasonably quickly. thanks and any advice is key. peace
  17. Zedo

    Gday to all

    Gday everyone. I'm new to your corroboree, but hope I can contribute to all things great and small. Slowly getting my garden growing with useful plants but will always be looking to expand. Peace
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    Mammillaria spinosissima Flowering

    Had this one for a few years now. Actually flowered this year = mad.