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  1. I have Darklight in my house, but she not even that dark, she is full of Joy ;-)
  2. Beau Meister (and the Mushroom pranksters) - Meander through the Mycelium You are welcome to join us for this special is a pre-event workshop that will take place on Saturday, May 11 from 2:00pm at Pirianda Garden (9 Hacketts Rd, Olinda VIC 3788). Meet in the main carpark where there is a structure with some info about the history of the park. The park is a stunning botanical location so aside from mushrooms there is much to see. Pack for all weather and it’s a park on a steep but stunning hillside. Synopsis: Join us for a stroll through the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges to find and learn about the fungi that reside there. Discover information about fungi identification, habitats, edibility, their role in the environment, and get practical, 'hands-on' tips. Please dress accordingly for the weather and wear appropriate footwear as we may head off tracks and into the woods. Post mushroom walk dinner will be at Micawber Tavern (65/71 Monbulk Rd, Belgrave VIC 3160) drinks from 5pm and meals need to be ordered around 5:45pm (as we were a late booking they are trying to accommodate us), all welcome. Web pages Pirianda Garden – http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/pirianda-gardens-gardens-of-the-dandenongs Micawber Tavern - www.micawbertavern.com.au
  3. RonnySimulacrum

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    You just never know who might crash this plant meet ;-)
  4. Greeting I am putting together the program for an up and coming EGA event on May 12th titled 'Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community'. Sadly in the many years of EGA (to my knowledge), we have never been able to make good connections going with first nations peoples and have an indigenous voice on bush foods and plant medicines. I know EGA would love to see this change. So I was hoping others in the community may have had more luck in this vital area and might be able to offer up some suggested indigenous presenters. I feel the nearer they are to Victoria the more relevant the talk might be to the state the event is taking place in; however, it's by not limited in the sense that any good suggestion at the moment would be appreciated. If PM works better for you, then be my guest. Thanks in advance ;-) PS, on a side note I am also interested to find a knowledgeable presenter on ritual or witching herbs in Australia.
  5. Hey, if your trying to transfer the name on a ticket from one SAB person to the next, Billy that working on Tickets should be able to help, email tickets [at] entheogenesis.org and let him know the issue.
  6. Well, this is coming up fast, can not wait to see everyone this weekend. Last chance to get general adult and concession tickets is today. There set to click over asap, we might not get to that till tomorrow morning so try your luck on the tickets page. In plants we trust ;-)
  7. If you can not find it, look in spam, but if there is still no joy email tickets [at] entheogenesis.org
  8. I have been up north helping on Mardi Grass and have run into around 10 plant head heading down next weekend. So good to catch up, but looking to make it two weekends in a row haning out. I am very much looking forward to next weeks gathering and seeing many more folk. See you there ;-)
  9. Hey everyone, sorry move this to a better place on the forum if need, but as its a call out for any kind of market stall I did not know where to place it. Do you run a market stall selling plants, alternative clothing, psychedelic books & art, or other legal mind-bending products? Entheogenesis Australis are looking for potential stallholders to join our next ethnobotanical symposium, Garden States, in Melbourne on Mothers Day, Sunday May 12. If you’re interested or know someone that might wish to apply please visit or share the online form at entheogenesis.typeform.com/to/uoYzXR If you have any questions before you're ready to apply or can't join us on this date but would like to express interest for future events, you can send an email to our Market Manager Eve at [email protected] If you want to know more about EGA and the event, head over to our website www.entheogenesis.org We look forward to hearing from you
  10. I think they're around 4 market stalls places left, so this is the last call out really, hope to see some vendors from SAB on the day ;-)
  11. Hahaha, what a pisser thanks Cimi Yes my mum will be rocking the plant carnival also alkatrope on May 12, The happy Mums are set to run wild
  12. Hey SAB plant heads Many of you may be aware of the upcoming EGA event, Garden states - an indoor community gathering comprised of keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and a market space all celebrating the sacred garden and value of the botanic world. It’s important for us to make our events accessible to all in our community, and so this is a call out for anyone who might not be able to purchase a ticket to apply for a volunteer role. Volunteers play a crucial role in making our events possible and it’s a way to get involved and attend the event if purchasing a ticket is not possible for you or you would just rather help be a part of it all. The event is being held on Sunday, May 12 (Mother's Day) in Springvale. There a number of different roles to fill and we ask volunteers to contribute approximately 4 hours of their time over the course of the day. Places are limited so we likely won’t be able to place everyone who applies in a role. If you are interested in volunteering please fill in an application via the link below by Friday 12/04 (next week). Please note that this link is not intended to be public so please DO NOT share it as it for past crew and SAB people that wish to step up and get involved. Volunteer application link: https://entheogenesis.typeform.com/to/zlGPvc Just wish to know more about the event then head here - https://www.entheogenesis.org/garden_states_2019
  13. RonnySimulacrum

    EGA Garden states - SAB Volunteers call out

    Yes, we are blessed with that EGA Channel. We still have some Volunteers spaces available for those that wont to support Hope to see you all at this one ;-)
  14. RonnySimulacrum

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    This should be one fun day out, and Yes, I am totally bringing my plant loving mum along.
  15. Hey SAB, Just an FYI that all the Early Bird tickets are now sold out for this one. Grab your tickets why they last ;-) Garden States Tickets
  16. Hey SAB peeps, Just a quick heads up, The Garden States Early Bird Tickets are scheduled until this coming Monday or until sold out (whatever happens first). The full program is going to come out Thursday publicly and will be emailed around to thousands of people and then pushed on FB soon after that. So at that point, it will be a race for the remaining early bird tickets (around 50). I suggest you just snap one up now to keep the price down and be ahead of the race. Still not convinced - sneak a look at the full program ahead of the mail out now by Clicking Here ;-)
  17. RonnySimulacrum

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Fantastic day had by all indeed, so good to see people. Sure hope to see you all on May 12 event/Plant swap - https://www.entheogenesis.org/garden_states_2019 ;-)
  18. Just an update that things have come together for this request, we still have much work to do and I hope by the next EGA outdoor we can improve/grow in this area of our program even more. FYI - There is also going to be a Plant Swap space at the May 12 event in Melbourne, for more info see the thread under events - Click Here The fill program will come out early next week via email, so make sure you are signed up to the email list for that as it's going to be a big one. Thanks again everyone that contributed and PM me around regarding my call out for indigenous voices in this thread. R
  19. Hey, it would be fantastic to see a couple of people from this community make stall applications. There is also going to be a Plant Swap space, for more info see the thread under events - Click Here The fill program will come out early next week via email, so make sure you are signed up to the email list for that as it's going to be a big one.
  20. There a FB event page up now also - https://www.facebook.com/events/2240094786307774/
  21. RonnySimulacrum

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Hey, I will see you all at this for sure, It's so good to see the community come together for this one. Nice work Amz, and hope to see you and many other SAB plant heads mothers day.
  22. RonnySimulacrum

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    Hey andros88 Thanks for posting the trailer up to encourage interest in the film. I have had the good future of spending much time with Dennis and he is truly an amazing guy. So yes support the film in whatever way you can for sure. I have to say, however, for those that are in NSW try and get out to the actual event as it supports community building and the discussion with Monica Gagliano will be very interesting. As I said, wish I could be there myself
  23. RonnySimulacrum

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    So good to see these kinds of events popping up more regularly in Sydney these days. Try to support them, everyone, as it's not easy pulling this kind of event together some time. Wish I could be there ;-)