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    Introduce ethno plants into the nature al over Europe, mainly cacti and South American Mimosas.. so far so good! :)

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  1. Hello friends, Im looking for a small piece of Trichocereus Validus, in exhange I will sent you a 3/4 cm Sharxx Blue pup. Thank you
  2. When a chicken die... you make compost!
  3. hey, i am in Aus, and really keen for the mitrogena.. possible?

  4. greenpony

    Mitragyna hirsuta fresh seeds

    I have greater interest in exchanges with European members due to customs. As far as I know M. Hirsuta isn't on the schedule plant list.
  5. Hello friends, Im new here, and as a welcome gift I have a couple of seed pods of Mitragyna hirsuta to share with you. Im having a great fantastic germ rate with this batch, near 50%. Happy growing
  6. (ADMIN: warning, this species is illegal in australia) Hello Friends, I have 5 very fresh E. Novos seeds to trade. Im interested in cacti, mainly in a small crested Tbm. Im from Europe. Can add more interested seeds in this deal Peace!
  7. greenpony

    Wake´s up

    T. Iboga Round pod germinating