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    Bipolar ll help!

    Hi there, This is a first for myself in any forum so please forgive me if I come across ignorant/uneducated. Ive been dealing with Bipolar ll for the last ten years - for the first five years, self medicating with hard drugs mostly stimulants, peppered with the occasional psychedelics. Finding out the hard way that I have a very addictive personality especially for stimulants to the point that I did jail time, not the proudest times in my life. Albeit, that was the first five years. The next five years I've been search for any spiritual/holistic way to balance my moods & I've tried most diets under the sun. Pescatarian, vegetarian & vegan with which have definitely worked to some extent. Supplementing with mega doses of vitamins which have also worked to some extent but I don't have much data to confirm, leading myself to believe it's placebo. I've been soul searching by traveling - India being my most recent trip to find some sort of spirituality but to no avail, often coming back quite low, really low because I've expected answers to be answered - unfortunately not. So guys, I might be clutching at straws here but I love the proverb "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" here I am asking for any information maybe personal experience regarding Bipolar ll. Question: Do you guys know of "Any" herbal/ritual/experience/ceremonies/hollistic practices or supplementation that might help me find the balance I've been searching for? Happy to qualify any other info need regarding myself, please ask. Yours sincerely, suffering silence ps: open to try anything for the greater good