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  1. i had no idea they are declared a weed! thanks for pointing that out for me...  ive had no problems at all with maggots in the fruit or flys... my biggest competitor is bats! though they are declared a weed i cant find anything saying they are not legal. damn flies

  2. hey guys n girls :) i have a loquat tree going nuts at the moment putting out delicious little orange fruits  if you havnt experienced 1 before i highly recommend it, after a trip to bunnings and seeing they were selling these for 45 bucks each i thought "far-queue guys!"  im prepared to send seed for as long as the tree is fruiting,  instead of someone on here having to pay a ridiculous price for this... 

    here is a link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loquat

    if anyone is interested in some seeds feel free to send me a msg... 

     hope you are all well!  :lol: 






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  3. hey man, first of all im sorry you have to deal with this i can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, i myself cannot say i know what im talking about with this at all though i can give you some suggestions based on what i have some experience with , my mother is terminally ill with a plethora of shitty neuro issues and shes tried alot of medications to stop her ticks and spasms...at the moment im pretty sure she is on antenex and clonazepam which seems to be working well though she had some success with pregabalin  had to discontinue due to complications with other medications she was taking,  maybe one or a combination of these could help you, i have also read that some think clonazepam is better for ticks than clonidine but then again im not a doctor so you would have to ask..   im sorry i cant help more, ill have a chat to mum and see what she thinks would be good (she knows her medications and their actions she researches everything) i hope you get something from this man keep us updated 

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