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  1. i hardly water my garden at all unless im trying to get seeds to pop, maybe once or twice a week if its been dry but even then it doesnt seem like i absolutely have to...ive left it for 2+ months and it was sweet, having said that... watering extra wont hurt :)  im all about maximum output to minimal work, i also dont stress so much about composting the manure as it goes down in a sheet over the whole area then gets watered to help it break down, mulch on top...good to go. the older it gets the better the soil gets... id maybe err on the side of caution with the chook manure if u plan to plant straight into it, the high nitrogen in chook poop might burn ur seedlings... heres another link you might find useful, this lady is a legend


  2. thanks for your input ThunderIdeal, :)


    i understand this is under the guise of helping local business and generating tax dollars for australians but theres alot of small businesses that are sourcing materials online from overseas vendors that if they were to buy the same materials here from someone who can afford the tax, they themselves would no longer be able to do business.  i believe we should have the choice... i know this isnt exactly the same but it reminds me of the taxi industry crying over uber, i like the idea of choice instead of being forced to pay exuberant prices for a taxi. lol i cant afford a taxi or uber anyway but you get what im saying...i hope 


    im all for straya and all the good shit we have i just dont understand why we have to pay for everything through the nose. im not sure how true this rings but i read it would cost more to collect the tax than the actual revenue raised...that sounds backwards to me but that just my opinion.


    i feel quite lucky to live here and that we have access to help i also understand it doesnt just come out of thin air.. for some its not a matter of liking the position they are in its a position of necessity being on government benefits.. i didnt say everyone and i did notice you hadnt either just thought id make the statement.

    if im not understanding how this is or ive misinterpreted what this whole thing is, dont flame me, help me understand.. i am just trying to do the right thing and help my fellow aussie, like most of us...


    on a side note if tax revenue is what is needed i have a solution that seems to have worked in other places.

    step 1. legalise marijuana

    step 2. profit???


    what do you think?

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  3. the productivity commission is looking to put GST on all overseas online purchases,


      Australia has always been at a geographical disadvantage when it comes to trade, but the advent of the Internet changed that. Small Australian businesses can now trade easily and economically with the rest of the world. But global ecommerce only works effectively when it is ‘frictionless’ which is why no other country has restricted their ecommerce economy by putting a GST on all imports, including low cost ones. In an increasingly global economy, this is a dangerous precedent by the Australian Government and a backward step in a time when we should be embracing the technological opportunities for Australian businesses, not putting red tape on them.


    if you have the time please read and sign at the bottom   https://keepshoppingopen.com.au/


    sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place...

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  4. thanks for the link paradox heaps of good info!  i take it hes probably got a kaffir lime ( hence thinking its mutated) and a tahitian lime... after reading the daleys discussions im thinking alot of people may not have enough mag or sulfur on their citrus leading to sour acidy fruits, then thinking theyve crossed with something thats close when in fact both trees are probably nutrient deficient im not sure... thanks for the replys everyone, legends! 

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  5. hey guys,


    i recently got given a bag of lemons from a friend, they look like lemons on the outside but when you cut it open the flesh inside is green like a lime and the flavour is both lemony and zingy like a lime, so epic! they also dont produce seeds..


    i asked him whats the go? apparently the old guy who owned the place before had put in a lime tree too close to a lemon tree...the limes that the other tree produces are mutated also... what's happening here?? is it cross pollination?? or have the roots grown together making some kind of weird natural graft?? what would happen if i grafted a mandarin to this set up? id love to try and re create this at my place. any advice? ideas? thanks for your feedback :)

  6. this isnt a movie its a series but still rad, its a bit different to alot of cartoons/ anime...quite contemplative


    They are neither plants nor animals. They differ from other forms of life such as the micro-organisms and the fungi. Instead they resemble the primeval body of life and are generally known as "Mushi". Their existence and appearance are unknown to many and only a limited number of humans are aware of them. Ginko is a "Mushi-shi" who travels around to investigate and find out more about the "Mushi". In the process, he also lends a helping hand to people who face problems with supernatural occurrences which may be related to the "Mushi".

    Image result for mushishi

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  7. melbourne is epic, you'll love it! i used to live around ripponlea, balaclava, st kilda , prahran, they are all nice spots, close to the city and the beach, public transport is awesome. you can get anywhere on the train, they run frequently and mostly ontime unlike the complete mess of a transport system in qld , plus its cheap... theres a place on chapel street called lucky coq, lol

    they do $4 pizzas!!!  its easy to find housing and jobs aswell... if you cant already tell, i love it! theres heaps of partys and doofs too if your into that :lol: Best of luck with the move an everything man hope it goes smoothly

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