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  1. ive read of it doin well as far south as phillip island in vic so you might have some luck? ill send a pod, see how you go, they have a 95-100 percent strike rate and seeds are true to type the flesh tastes so good and its a prolific fruiter

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  2. i grabbed a few nice pods off my tree today if anyone is interested im happy to send them to a loving home, theyre a great tree to have around..





    A large attractive tree with spreading branches and lovely white and yellow pompom type flowers. The pods look similar to a tamarind pod. Surrounding the inedible black seeds is a thick white juicy pulp that tastes very much like vanilla ice-cream. The tree has the added advantage of being nitrogen fixing and is a good choice as a fast growing shade tree.

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    something else that helped me that seems small but its burned into my mind was writing down on a piece of paper on 1 side "the person i want to be" and on the other side "the way i am behaving" 


    i used to have issues with opiates and alcohol, mushrooms have really helped me think a bit more deeply/differently about the way i behave and why which in turn gives me a bit more breathing room to make choices based on how im thinking rather than being so emotional and fucking myself up to deal with it, for someone like myself the biggest thing is to try and stay neutral, not to get overly excited when things are good and not to get maniacally depressed if shit isnt working out , im not saying be a robot just let the emotions take a bit of a back seat to the thinking brain... 


    so i agree with sagi, microdose mushrooms (sub perceptual dose)  and i would also just like to say quitting anything cold turkey can be dangerous, my mum recently tried to go cold turkey on her valiums and we almost took a trip to the hospital cos her blood pressure went through the roof... plz be careful, i hope this helps somehow..


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  4. Something that might do well in that spot could be Monstera deliciosa... I love bromeliads they have the sickest flowers, walking iris are quite nice when they are in flower also, i think they would fair pretty well in that spot too. anyway best of luck, lemme know if u need any cuttings :) 

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  5. is that a Draecena in the first pic? i can send some cuttings if it doesnt make it.  i reckon it looks like its too wet and not enough light, id try cutting back some of whatever is blockin the light and id be putting cover down on that sexy black soil...

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  6. hahaha i wish i could tell u how to teleport big piles of shit at once...  its not the funnest job but definitely the most rewarding, @Inyan thats pretty interesting regarding the fish guts, ive heard of sheeps liver in a hole where u r going to plant passionfruit as a source of iron but never tested it, i never have a problem with nitrogen being leached out of the soil because i dont till the chips in, they just sit on top :) 

  7. i could be the ignorant one here my friend, ive got no idea how one would go about testing the electromagnetic field of soil.. where would it start and end??? would it be affected by the underground powerlines in some areas?, or how close the vegetables are to a residential area?  i dont know... im sorry i cant give you a better answer but without researching further i dont wanna tell you some bullshit for the sake of sounding like i know.. you raise some epic points about iron being of benefit aswell. ill have to turn my bullshit filter on and do some reading hahah, i appreciate the input guys :lol:

  8. that article broke my heart, such an unnecessary loss of life.:(   


    i remember when i was in primary school we had Harold the giraffe https://www.lifeeducation.org.au i wish we had it at secondary school.. maybe the paragraph below wouldnt have happened?

    the van was something different to the normal classroom setting and it wasnt our normal teacher so it seemed more exciting...  this kinda thing should be cruising to every school i reckon..


    this doesnt relate so much to the article but more the theme of the thread,


    i really dislike seeing people acting in what i think is fight or flight mode induced by alcohol, making less than intelligent, emotion filled responses to situations/people/external stimuli that normally wouldnt have such a profound affect on that being.. its dangerous. why do australians celebrate this state of being so heavily? besides in my opinion alcohol is probably the most boring and expensive drug you could take, i cant remember ever waking up from a binge session with some profound ideas about myself or the world, its mainly regret or guilt for something ive said or done to myself or someone else. some could say that is profound in that i might learn to not make those choices again but that only lasts till u have another drink...


    i myself nearly stabbed a man to death (with his knife) that attacked me when i was 15, i didnt leave unscathed either, we were both drunk at the time , i think about it regularly how my life would be if he had hadnt made it or even better if 1 of us wasnt drunk or it didnt happen at all, unfortunately at the time, i wasnt capable of thinking rationally.. im 1 million percent positive if we were stoned it wouldnt have even started or i would have put the legs on and escaped before the situation ever happened. im not alone in this, many people of my age from the same area have some story of insane violence fuelled by alcohol.. maybe im just violent inside and thats me but i dont think thats the case an i hope the people around me feel the same. im sure there's people out there who can drink responsibly and might not ever run into trouble and thats great but mostly everyone that i know has at least some story or seen something hectic because of alcohol..


    i dont think we should ban alcohol or make any further rules against what we can or cant do, the last thing we need is more regulation,  im sure if people were armed with more knowledge at an earlier age what it is and how it affects us all as a whole things might be different and maybe the young woman from the article would still be with us.


    to end this on a lighter note.. the polar opposite of that horrible mess i experienced would have to be standing in the middle of the dancefloor at a festival and a stranger, soon to be rad mate packing me a massive cone, how can you top that? maybe 2 cones? and no fear of prosecution for being too chilled? 

    end of rant.


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  9. This is pretty interesting, has anyone else looked into Viktor Schauberger's ideas? he has proposed that iron tools kill the soil by imparting rust and disrupting the electromagnetic field of the soil where as copper leaves trace elements adding benefit to the soil and increasing yields.. this is worth watching the guy seems like a fricken genius... let me know what you guys think!


  10. 21 hours ago, SayN said:


    Mushroom ID at 0:28 in that video Saylor?

    i saw that too man! hahaha i cant say 100 percent but maybe its a semilanceata??? someone with better id skills might be able to pick it from exp. id be interested to know aswell if anyone else wants to chime in! i dont wanna jack your thread od101010 but itd be cool to know what that is :) 

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