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  1. Wow do you think you'll be able to root them , I had a couple of tips that where half destroyed all banged up and only about 5 cm I was about to save they took 12 months to show any signs of growth but took off in the last month putting on extreme girth hope you have some luck saving them , To me it sort of looks like the top might be some slight crush injury damage but your right that bottom section does look like it was hollow to begin with which is extremely interesting , would be interested to hear what someone more experience has to say , was it a pup or a degraft be interesting to know if it's affected by rate of growth and water content but personally I've never seen anything like it 


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  2. Nice cacti zyppel , do you know what cacti that is in the third picture of your last post stunning colour .


    lost another crest to damping , while I've been away from home . One of my lophs that was gnawed on by a feral cat has plumped back up and the three giant teeth holes have calloused nicely and are starting to fill out obviously recovering from the shock of being rescued from the jaws of death of the great white feline .   

    Brother and sister cuts received from godless are going great guns really beautiful colours nice lighter type green with a deep blue glaucusness on the new growth beautiful , thanks again mate .

    little opuntia crest is taking off growing all type of what I can only describe as baby cactus fingers , really cool to look at .

    also my Eileen is going to have to be renamed I lean , she's growing great nice firm growth but she's weak in the knees not rot not soft or squishy or black or unhealthy looking  , just gives slight less resistance and and she sort of bends at the knees 

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  3. My tiny rivea has taken off insanely , I heard they grew fast but it went from like three leaves and 10 cm to a small little bushel with about 40 leaves in a month . Baby wood rose are really not doing much at all , even though they are in the same spot , same potting mixture as the rivea . 

    My poor peach brug was taking off had got to about 40 cm tall and was really starting to put some size into the leaves after a repot , but the entire thing has been mauled by caterpillars while I've been busy with my daughter in hospital . Is there an easy solution to caterpillars or a natural option so i do not have to use an insecticide 

    I'll add pictures later

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  4. Moved them outside two weeks ago as I wasn't having any luck almost gave up on them . Happened to check them out just before as they are covered and I've just been neglecting it , conditions must be better in their  new position , as one has finally sprouted . Would have taken a photo , except my phone is all smashed up and being tenderly held together with duct tape 


    wooohoo excitement + 


  5. Hey these come up in the corner of my garden bed after pulling out my corn , ultra tiny bright yellow , quite immature fruit so no gill pics



    would love to know if anyone has any idea ?









  6. “But I didn't go back to sleep. Instead, I started to get disgusted with myself.

    "What the hell are you doing ?" I demanded, out loud.

    "Lying down to die," I told myself, petulantly.

    "Like hell," my wiser part said. "Get off the floor and get to work."

    "Don't wanna. Tired. Go away."

    "You're not too tired to talk to yourself. So you're not too tired to bail your ass out of the crocodiles, either. Open your eyes," I told myself, firmly.

    I hunched my shoulders, not wanting to obey, but against my better judgment, I did open my eyes. The sunlight had turned the house into an almost cheerful place, overlaid with a patina of gold—empty still , to be sure, but warm now with a few good memories.”

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  7. @Change , holy shit . That was farking amazing! . You are correct I think it was better , is it a newer vid , she sort of looks more confident in herself . 

    9.55 nice she goes off ,  is it just me or was that extremely hot . 








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  8. "Medina will be sentenced on March 30, and lawyer Stanley Friedman says that his client is "happy and enthusiastic" with the deal that was offered, as it will allow him to avoid life in prison."


    lol just happened to come across this somehow , fucking power rangers using there powers for evil 

    banging his mates girlfriend then stabbing him to death with a large sword during a fight , go go power rangers 





  9. Sometimes I wonder why they tell

    me I need money to make money 

    Makes me wonder if bees

    need honey to make honey

    but it's funny how thieves 

    need nothing to take something

    we've all got atleast one dream

    But it seems to be just running away from us....... 

    Should I catch it

    nah I'm fucking sick of these cat shits 



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