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  1. PlantGuy

    Catha Edulis - Perth

    Hi Guys, I Am looking for a fresh Catha Edulis plant in the Perth Metro area. Height minimum 60cm with 30leaves. Price Negotiable. Thanks so much. PlantGuy.
  2. PlantGuy

    Piper Auritum (WA)

    Hiya All, Anybody have some cuttings/roots, whatever grows of this wonderful and amazing plant that they can send to WA.? I Will paypal the funds. Thanks. T.
  3. PlantGuy

    Catha . e - Perth

    Hello Folks, I Would really appreciate some nice Catha Edulis plants if anyone has some for sale. I'm willing to pay big, i live in Perth, so i can pickup if in W.A, if not, postal delivery is fine. T.
  4. PlantGuy

    Wanted to buy. Khat Plants in WA. Will pay top dollar.

    No, I didn't. I appreciate all the views though. I take it nobody has any khat that they want To sell or giveaway here in WA then.? I would be so thankful guys. My ethno garden is small, So I can't offer much, I can only offer dollars. Anybody out there can you please help me.?. I'm really trying to get my ethno garden up, and I need some khat desperately. Thanks.
  5. Hello all, I am new here. First off, nice to meet you all and merry Xmas. I have always had an interest In Ethnobotany, but I haven't been to this forum before, I am hoping to have a nice time here. :-). I am after some khat plants, I have some seeds, but god knows I just can't seem to get them to Germinate, I bought them from SHAM. And since that I live in WA, I can't buy the plant from the Eastern States. So if anybody in WA has some khat plants available for sale then please let me Know as I desperately want to add a live khat plant to my ethnobotanical garden. Don't mind how Much I have to pay either. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. PlantGuy

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    Hello, Bit of a newb here. New to this forum. Nice to meet you all, and merry Xmas. What kind of seeds are these.?. Khat.?. Cheers.