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  1. http://cen.acs.org/articles/95/web/2017/08/Magic-mushroomenzyme-mystery-solved.html Does the biosynthesis have the potential to increase psilocybin based medical research?
  2. Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness - William Styron | Helped me make sense of depression and feel less alone Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad | The imagery of the Congolese jungle and the sense of isolation gripped me Dirt Music - Tim Winton | The book takes me back home when I've lived away from the coast The Stranger - Albert Camus | A book that profoundly changed my life and highlighted the absurdity of society's expectations regarding dealing with loss
  3. small_rabbit

    Flow Hood construction

    Botanist_87, I'm way down in Albs and i've checked out the flow hoods on AMS, they look awesome but i can't afford one just yet.
  4. small_rabbit

    Flow Hood construction

    Hello 87_botanist, Your air scrubber looks awesome. I'm in the same position regarding building a laminar flow hood and have been looking at a few DIY designs since freight to rural WA is especially pricey. I want to build something modular where I can replace the pre-filter and hepa filter. Do you know what size filter you'd ideally use? It'd be cool to find out how soma_seeker's design worked out and whether anything should be changed with the next build.