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  1. Yes, last I heard. An update would be nice, EG.
  2. plantlight

    How Did THC End Up In A Colorado Town Water Supply?

    Turns out this was a false positive. http://www.denverpost.com/2016/07/23/hugo-water-safe-no-thc/ Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Hugo Colorado city hall.
  3. plantlight

    P. Viridis leaf curl

    I use a 50/50 mixture organic/inorganic soil. Organic components include potting soil that doesn't contain peat moss. Also added pine bark fines and coco coir are beneficial but not necessary. Inorganic components include perlite or a mixture of perlite and vermiculite. Worm castings and or time release product for fertilizer. The first photo is a 10 month old plant just up potted from a starter pot into a 3 liter container. The starter leaf is still attached. The second photo is 3 years old (my oldest) in an 11 liter container.
  4. plantlight

    Who's your messiah now?

    But mostly painful
  5. plantlight

    Congratulations EG!

    Wish you both much happiness!
  6. plantlight

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    I know little about this plant but those are some very healthy looking roots to me. Just to be safe, it might be a good idea to store them in a cool dry place until growing season. Is that what you're thinking?
  7. plantlight

    Define God

    Religion [God] is simply the word we use to describe our intuition that there is something outside the realm of culture and three dimensional surfaces of things; that there is a hidden dimension to reality -- call it a plan, a purpose, a loving God, a cosmos instead of a chaos. - T. McKenna [my substitution in brackets]
  8. plantlight

    The dream time.

    I just can't get a grasp on this.
  9. plantlight

    The dream time.

    Who is we? And where might I find those published things that you stand by, please. - Just trying to catch up.
  10. I was thinking about that possibility. I'm relatively new to cactus so maybe it's normal. Just want to speed things up a bit if possible. Gonna try the heat pad next. Thanks.
  11. 30 cm rosei1. Got 3 other cuts at the same time January. -- Psycho0, Yowie, and Eileen. All have rooted with no issues within days of each other. More than 2 months later, no roots on the rosei.
  12. Any moisture applied? Trying to get a trich cut to root.
  13. plantlight

    Who's your messiah now?

    Very clear summation! The caller was ill prepared to state, much less, defend his position and expected Molyneux to be sympathetic and help him along. Molyneux it seemed was all to ready to take advantage of the situation and turned it into the equivalent of the proverbial wrestling match between a 500lb gorilla and a 50lb weakling. Unfortunately, in doing so, he had to recast the caller's incoherence into a drug induced brain damage caused confusion which I found to be unkind and reprehensible. In my opinion, the interview should not have been published as it is disrespectful to both the caller and the informed listener. The only value I see is that it serves as a warning to those who might consider a discussion with Molyneux: Be well prepared to defend your thoughts as you may be attacked for presenting them.
  14. plantlight

    The dream time.

    It is quite clear that, in this world, there are those that press toward total control and total enslavement of others through physical force. What may not be as evident, on the face of it, is that creativity tends to flourish in spaces less influenced by rule of physical force. If maximization of creativity is the goal, then the challenge is to create space that is unaffected by the rule of physical force. Please post your thoughts on the return of true creation.