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  1. Kierbob

    FS - Flow Hood

    Ah super cool dude! If I had your logs a few months back I'd probably think twice about parting with the hood!
  2. Kierbob

    FS - Flow Hood

    Hey guys, decided I might see if anyones interested in my flow hood. Its a custom built 60x60cm HEPA Flow hood with less than 5 hours of use. Nice big pre filter at top, HVAC Centrifrugal blower. Has been stored in a clean dust free environment Over all dimensions W-64cm X D-52cm X H-1610cm Awesome large work area to prep heaps of jars or large bags. Open too offers, will probably thow in a heap of other mycology related gear as Im getting out of the hobby (jars, bags, sealer, cultures) Any questions please pm me. Pick up in Melbourne.
  3. Kierbob

    Prints n swabs to giveaway

    Awesome! Cheers man
  4. Kierbob

    Prints n swabs to giveaway

    A couple subs a found last season!
  5. Kierbob

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    mad collection! Number 25!!
  6. Kierbob

    Searching for cultures.

    Hey guys, figured this is the best place for this post to be seen. I'm looking to buy/trade some culture! Mainly interested in reishi, lions make and pink oyster but would love anything out of the norm Lemme know what you've got! Cheers.
  7. Kierbob

    Flow Hood Blower

    Oh so you're just using an inline fan rather than one of the "squirrel cage" ones? Do you have any internal baffles or is the fan just blowing directly down into the box? How long have you been running this design and have you had any problems? Cheers man.
  8. Kierbob

    Flow Hood Blower

    Haha yeah good idea! Depending on what I can find I'll definitely opt for slightly larger than needed. Where did you find your blower Cue?
  9. Kierbob

    Flow Hood Blower

    Hey guys, The filter I've been looking at is the 64cm x 32cm x 15cm HEPA from Here If anyone knows of a cheaper suitable filter let me know! I've calculated ideally I would want a 250 cfm blower to achieve laminar flow so I wouldn't want anything smaller than that. Budgets fairly tight! I'm hoping to build the whole thing for under $400 Ive sent you a pm bigred Cheers
  10. Kierbob

    Flow Hood Blower

    Hey guys, currently on the mission to build a budget yet decent flow hood. I am having trouble sourcing a decent blower in Vic, or Aus for that matter. Reading up it seams that "Squirrel cage blowers" are the best bet for minimum turbulence and maintaining static pressure, Does anyone know what these would be called in Australia and what applications they may have so I can go about finding one? Cheers, Kierbob
  11. Hey guys, made up a few too many Oyster plates (Ostreatus) If anyone is keen on one let me know! If you have something interesting to trade that'd be a bonus but happy to share the love! =) Kierbob
  12. Kierbob

    VIC - $100 flow hood / uv light

    Someone should totally buy this.. Heck I'll buy it for you if you let me come over and use it! ;P Gelman Clemco Laboratory, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/korumburra/miscellaneous-goods/gelman-clemco-laboratory/1110964833 Price: $100 Negotiable
  13. Kierbob

    Bloody butcher corn seed giveaway

    Wow they look great! I'd love some man
  14. Kierbob

    Free tricho seedlings for a new(ish) member

    Your germinating journey or the toilet paper oragami? I don't think many will lend a hand with the latter =P
  15. Kierbob

    Free tricho seedlings for a new(ish) member

    The girlfriend studying horticulture has influenced immensely and in so little time a fully fledge passion for growing things! Now all day at work I think about getting into the garden and that's what makes me smile!