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  1. whiteking

    The Khat's out of the bag.

    Wasn't that Chopper Reid? haha
  2. whiteking

    The Khat's out of the bag.

    Some more sensationalized rubbish from the main stream media. Plenty of cringe worthy moments. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/09/02/21/05/queensland-police-warn-of-a-new-type-of-dangerous-drug-seized-in-brisbane
  3. whiteking

    My big move to NNSW

    Good to see you getting this happening mate! it's my distant dream too so ill be using your blog as inspiration and prior learning. All the best!
  4. whiteking

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    I found a few of these interesting looking guys while i was out camping on the sunshine coast a few weeks ago.
  5. whiteking

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I've been meaning to come for the last two, i'll try to make this one for sure!