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  1. ViraCocha

    High from EU contry

    Hi everyone, I've ben finally accepted here and I'm very glat to be part of this amazing forum. I'm from Italy, and would love to introduce myself. Sry I deleted the fun stuff. You have to introduce yourself in a more boring way and include disclaimers for people in Australia cannot purchase your product. But welcome to our forum. You can thank our government for fun stuff being deleted. Please, If inapropriated delete this post and I'll introduce myself in another acceptable way Wish you all a nice weekend
  2. Hello there, nice to meet you!
    I was searching for some of Nitrogen crosses from last giveaway and some members here on SAB told me I should ask to you to see if there were some left.
    Hope I'm not late for this as I just got accepted here on SAB.
    Will wait patiently for some news from you.
    Have a good one :)
    P.S. Sorry if I posted here but can't send messages for today

  3. ViraCocha

    Acacia Acuminata giveaway

    me too, but I can't send you PMs for today
  4. amazing work guys!! I wonder if anyone's still got some of these seeds sitting around If any kind soul wants to help me I'll pay for everything