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  1. BassCompound


    I had some arrive today too made my day thanks EG!
  2. BassCompound

    Very Rare edible fruit species for sale/trade

    I think later this year I'll drive a van across the country on an epic Odyssey of cactus and I'll fill the thing to capacity with cacti Too scared to risk things not arriving I've tried 3 times with live plants and failed every time
  3. BassCompound

    Very Rare edible fruit species for sale/trade

    I want all of this but I doubt I'll get any of it into WA very easily
  4. BassCompound

    Is this witch's broom?

    That one looks like it possibly is diseased. It can be contagious I would definitely isolate that one I would be scared of leaving it near any other Cacti. Depending on the vector for the disease it could potentially spread to any plant not exclusively cacti There is a very wide range of things that can cause witches broom, some of them like Fungi, Nematodes, Molds, Yeasts, Mites, Virus can be very contagious. In cacti I gather its usually a fatal condition. Apparently in some trees people have grafted pieces of witches broom and resulted in a non diseased but heavily mutated form, could be worth a try. By the sound of that the disease may attack the genetics of a plant resulting in a permanent mutation even if it survives the disease
  5. BassCompound

    Raising Ducks

    Pros: They are gorgeous, they don't make much noise and the noise they do make is normally amusing, they don't destroy your garden like chickens, and they are so cool to have around Cons: They shit on things a bit but not too horribly. They can get a bit brave once they are really used to you and they might walk around inside your house if they can let themselves in lol, and the males are sexually deviant. (They rape each other, they group rape, they commit necrophilia, although its not a daily occurrence and you might not ever see it, its weird when you do) Ours were natives so we didn't feed them, but that didn't stop them going for the cats food. I reckon they are awesome pets
  6. BassCompound

    Show your tattoos!

    Tattoo I got at 13 with a homemade gun when I was drunk and irresponsible Its my trigger for lucid dreaming. If I can read the time, I know I'm not dreaming
  7. BassCompound

    are men the new "gatherers"?

    I've had the opposite experience where all the rad gardeners I am related to, I know socially and myself are female identified, I only know a small handful of men personally who have any green thumb. I feel like there probably isn't an uneven distribution across gender its just who we have gravitated to associating with. Although I do notice that communities like this one tend towards being male dominated and female gardeners tend to stay more in their own spheres
  8. BassCompound


    Quickly made an addition to the Trade reputation for those funky seeds My favourite right now is this big bag of cuts I got today that I'm super stoked with, my collection is growing
  9. BassCompound

    Is this witch's broom?

    If all of those 8 pups throw 8 more pups each and the mother throws another 30 then its broom, most likely its just very healthy though
  10. BassCompound

    meme loves

  11. BassCompound

    Post awesome gifs here

  12. BassCompound

    505cms of Column Cactus

    Omg Sold Plz will PM you.
  13. BassCompound

    Name my Cactus and win

    A Zure Thing
  14. BassCompound

    Free tricho seedlings for a new(ish) member

    All my Cacti want hugs but they are too spiny for hugs. They're my spiky antisocial friends. I've started wearing a pendant on my neck with a tiny jar on it. I half filled it with soil, threw a few seeds in so when I'm walking around I am constantly germinating. Will replace when they get crowded