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    Beautiful shots man,jeeze you buggers are spoilt down there.24'c in syd this arvo where is winter?
  2. Birdman

    Possibly trich from bunnings.

    so bunnings are putting disclaimers on their Trichos? thats kinda mildly worrying I reckon. Thats like an advertisement...wonder if hamiltons knows...
  3. Birdman

    Opium pipe

  4. Birdman

    Cactus grow log V1

    HI HUNAB, mine is on Mike.what type of trich is he,i think i may have one,cant miss that spination...
  5. Birdman

    Boomer Season 2009

    JEEBUS!! dat sub be big
  6. Birdman

    Opium pipe

    opiummuseum.com tops site with a ton of crisp pics. Beautiful even. Google search bamboo pipe and check out the tribesman bong,very nice
  7. Birdman

    Opium pipe

    just make sure it hasnt been used. mum tried to get me one from honkers, she was denied by customs 'cause of remanents of the big O. And it was made of ivory,double whammy.
  8. Birdman

    the subs are back

    Beautiful shots Under G. I love that single closeup of Stroph a. Thats a screen saver!
  9. Birdman

    Books on Australian Fungi

    The book in question is always in my pocket when on the hunt. fantastic pics,great for the dunny..
  10. Birdman

    the subs are back

    Aw ta unders! You dont know how i wish i had a camera,was even gonna buy a disposable from the servo but totally forgot.Got a birthday coming up,its 1st on the list
  11. Birdman

    the subs are back

  12. Birdman

    Habitat shots??

    Hello to all,nice to read you. I have a favour to ask the community? After trolling and lurking without alota luck and wanted to possibly ask any members if they have good habitat shots of where a find has been located? not after photos of the suby but like from 5-10 metres away? this would really be appreciated guys,thanx 4 reading. B.M
  13. Birdman

    the subs are back

  14. Birdman

    the subs are back

    spent eight hours searching hamdon @ obes. Fungal wonderland,even sponges,the edibles are being picked(milk caps etc) after easily spending 7+ years knowing the area very well enduro bike [email protected] hunting, still yet to find my patch.
  15. Birdman

    the rains are here!

    Hey Unders! Yes bag loads,know so coz i had a half hour coversation in the middle of now where in a pine forest with a 70 year old russien couple..sounds weird but it was the nicest thing. Met another bloke and his mum from slovenia or something collecting the same.Big ones to but they tended to be older and more rotten so it seems they have prob fruited twice so far. Grab your green coles bags and get up there its at its prettiest in Autumn.
  16. Birdman

    Grafting trich to gigantic old cereus

    Ive thought about this too,when im an old man and my cereus is trunk like in thickness then grafting the hell outa the bastard. cant wait to see how this goes Best of luck!
  17. Birdman

    the rains are here!

    Cheers for the pix info Naja.....i spent 8 hours yesterday around Hamden,Oberon and had no luck in the subz department. If only the amanitas were what i was after. lots and lolts of beatuiful specimens of a hell of a lot of families. ive been searching for years for them with no luck really,they say they find you...what if they dont like me???
  18. Birdman

    Habitat shots??

    Passive,Undergrounder Thanx you so much 4 those shots,exactly what was after,and so many! Ive been staring for about 45mins now..although that could be the diazep
  19. Birdman

    the rains are here!

    Good to see another hills boy...the dreams at night have been going for a couple a weeks now,calling to me..have to answer..
  20. Birdman

    CITES License from Peru

    MadHouse just nailed it. Do the research etc,its just not good enough to get busted by your own ignorance..(didnt mean to sound nasty then)
  21. Birdman

    Where will the world be..

  22. Birdman

    Sum just sittin around

  23. Birdman

    nice sized shroom

    Sweet baby Jeebus! Omlette me up me old mate
  24. Birdman

    Loph's and their root systems

    Kadakuda!!! exactly what i was sayin'(2nd pic). Also Garbage some wise advice taken on board. Cheers heaps guys..the community does work
  25. Birdman

    Loph's and their root systems

    Hey guys! Sorry tp get a little off topic ,but i have a cuple of young buttons that have formed 2 tap roots to the one plant. They also like to tend to grow more vertically as opposed to the trad horizontal growth patt. "Will the be double headers"