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  1. Thanks for sheding some light on that. I used to live with a girl that got possesed by all kinds of spirits and personas. Ones she was riding my dick and got possesed by Kali. Had to break her eyebrow before she came back.
  2. Wow! Yeah, midjourneys a real great one. I only use Dall-E, not as photorealistic striking as midjourney but I like the way it handles structures like wood and makes strange misstakes. like builds all kinds of crazy things from scratch. 1. A hieronimus bosch painting depicting the history of mankind. 2. A version of a photo of me standing in the woods on a burnt out scooter. 3. A backstreet boys albumcover from the 50's (note the gayness) 4. A salvador dali painting depicting the flintstones meeting the jetsons. 5. The original photo for number 2.
  3. thegreatartist

    Idea from dream

    Did you try it? Follow your dreams!
  4. thegreatartist

    A few random id’s

    The first is either a Thelocactus Sp. or Coryphantha Sp. By the looks of the turbercles and spination, and also the lack of defined ribs, I'd say coryphantha. The others would be T. Pachanoi, can't really see if there's any known clone in there.
  5. thegreatartist

    Bridgesii ... or what?

    I'd say yes, that is Trichocereus Bridgesii (agree it looks like it has some pach traits too). It looks a lot like Slizes' "playa Bonita" or "hotel" cuttings. Do you have any more info you want to share about these?
  6. thegreatartist

    Cactus Videos!

    That Len spotlight view made my nipples stiff as fuck. Thanx!
  7. thegreatartist

    Complete List of Trichocereus Clones

    Well, KK339 is a clone that's been propagated from cuttings of one unique individual trichocereus pachanoi in horticulture. KK338 has not to my knowledge been distributed as cutting material very widely and Karel Knižes' collection numbers often refers to different plants in a specific area and not material from one geneticaly identical clone. I've seen so many different seedgrown types of KK338, KK339 and KK242. In europe most of the KK242 are a type of very glaucous T. Cuzcoensis. A very good idea to put together a list. Here are some clones circulating europe, thought they might be available in Aus too? Trichocereus Pachanoi/Bridgesii "super silver blue form" a very glaucus thin pach/bridge cross sold as cuttings. Trichocereus Bridgesii "Hotel" Not very much info on this. Trichocereus Pachanoi "Kimnach" Trichocereus Pachanoi "Lima Flower Market" Collected by MT, maybe the same material as Ogun?
  8. thegreatartist

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    T. Bridgesii 3392 x T. Peruvianus Mystic. Grown from seed 7 months old. Slice-cross!
  9. thegreatartist

    Win a free Loph! Post an original artwork

    Yes thank you @sharxx101! Keep up the good spirit. And congratulations Zedo, you are imo a worthy winner. Is it carved out of wood? Have you made more like this? I could trade one of my works for something like that, would be a great addition to my art-collection. Send a PM if interested.
  10. thegreatartist

    Cactus Videos!

    Found this badass cactophilliac porno.
  11. thegreatartist

    Unknown Cactus?

    Yes a Neoraimondia, or Neocardenasia I believe is the new valid name. Probably Herzogiana but there are other species/subspecies of Neocardenasia that are quite similar. My only freak cactus ATM is a Herzogiana that grows into itself on one side cause the ribbs are growing at different pase. Then it shoots another arm that grows into itself. One arm only has 2 ribbs and grows in a spiral. Edit: Browsed the internet, it's a Herzogiana.
  12. thegreatartist

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    40+ women with big azz and small titties. Hairy beavers and armpits. Assfuck. Crazy nympho girls in the psychiatric ward. Indian women.
  13. thegreatartist

    Cactus Videos!

    Svante Lennartsson in sweden.
  14. thegreatartist

    Loph ID request

    Lophophora jourdaniana puts out offsets in that manner. They also have rosepink flowers. Do the offsets have small spines that are barely visible? L.. Jourdaniana offsets less then caespitosa forms and the offsets and sometimes the main head have tiny spines under the whool. Could also be Fricii I think, the main head looks like those. Hard to tell...