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    Details of individual sites contain notations "LEGAL INFO" followed by sets of letters and numbers example: Helvetia "LEGAL INFO: T18S, R15E". What do these represent? Is there some master key to these codes, and if so, where can I find it?
  2. Wow thanks I thought these looked a lot like the A Team guys. I actually think I may have some accessories for these guys too. Wonder what the smell of battle feature is? Pretty funny.
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    Not in beta 4, but in beta 5, yes. Just use a php type block there and do a call to a SSI.php function. But as I said, the "recent topics" has already been done for you in that beta. Basically it collects data from the function and output them in a compact way, because just letting the function do the rendering itselfdefault behavouir will make it too big to fit in a block - in width.