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  1. cortona

    Sterilitily and grafting

    yep, is a matter of better safe tan sorry! i usually use isopropyl alcool but wen i dont have it ...i dont use it , but if i try to save a cactus with problems i want to be suro to sterilize blades at every cut
  2. cortona

    Astrophytum thread

    looking around on the forum forme is a continue learning experiene about tricho, finding a tread about astro is like coming back home i have a little astro collection and i want to share some photos with you guys! http://s292.photobucket.com/user/cortonafoto/media/astro%202014%20kabutos%20and%20varius/100_1837_zps6cbdd342.jpg.html http://s292.photobucket.com/user/cortonafoto/media/astro%202014%20kabutos%20and%20varius/100_2124_zpsbf9f23b5.jpg.html http://s292.photobucket.com/user/cortonafoto/media/astro%202014%20kabutos%20and%20varius/100_2283_zps2ac69049.jpg.html
  3. Ad stated up i'm looking for unspiny genetic,interested on trich for aestetic reason,not etnobothanyc interested, wathever specie or cross is ok! I know around here exist unspiny forma of almost everithingh but i dont know were too fine it Boeing new on trich, i have Also some seeds from my flowering hybrids trich thanks too all you guys for the help, cuttings will be loved but i dont know if it will be a problem importing it here.
  4. cortona

    Sausage x Scop

    Zelly can you show US that blues non spiny plant?
  5. cortona

    Grafting Book

    thanks jwerta thanks to all people here sharing knowedlege!
  6. cortona

    Grafting Book

    I usually graft quite a bit bit but i'm very interested too read that book, can anybody drive me to a place were i can dead download ig