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  1. judoman09

    Phyloddium pulchellum ?

    I see Herbalistics is 'out of stock' of this. Hopefully that changes in the future. Any other sources for this plant in Australia? Looks like a 'must-have' for the magic garden! cheers
  2. judoman09

    Comptonella drupacea ?

    So i just watched Julian Palmers' 2017 talk for Enthoegenis, was super interesting. I don't suppose the plant Comptonella drupacea is available anywhere in Australia? I find virtually zero mention of it on google. I had a look for web presence of a New Caledonian plant nursery, but no luck. I'm thinking that short of flying over there myself to find it, It might be possible to make connection with a friendly gardener over there who could send the seeds? Hard to know where to start. cheers :-)
  3. Of course growing one's own would be ideal ... but, instead of that, many people successfully purchase powdered kratom online (where it is often labelled as a different product, so you can't get in trouble, i suppose). The downside there is that there isn't a guarantee of what you are getting, is actually kratom, as per this fine article: http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/Website/MitragynaspeciosaFake.htm I don't know if that same situation still stands ...
  4. judoman09

    Are spore print legal in Australia?

    any update to the NSW law situation since Torsten's excellent post above?
  5. hi, I'm wondering if Ephedra major or e.sinica would be best suited for north coast NSW? I'm guessing sinica, as I've been told "e.major grows way better in Victoria than the sinica. The sinica stops growing in cold whereas the major keeps growing all year."
  6. judoman09

    Mid north coast NSW members

    Hi I'm keen! In Coffs Harbour, but travel down to Kempsey daily. Would be nice to meet someone else into this stuff :-) cheers
  7. judoman09

    I moved to Nrth NSW from Goldy

    Hi I live in Coffs Harbour, work in Grafton. Now that my kids are teenagers, I'm finally getting back into ethnobotanicals, after many years out of it. My friends Ryan and Paul used to be more active on this board I believe, when they had an nice ethnobotanical property in Boambee. I have a couple interesting plants growing, and want to resume my mycological explorations. Anyway would be nice to meet some like-minded folks in the area? I tried to send a few messages but apparently only can do that once per day, anyway hopefully will see you around!
  8. judoman09

    Botanical Ark

    Hi, did you manage to visit the Botanical Ark, or find out more information about it? I'm visiting the Daintree later this year, and I've always been curious about that place.