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  1. Looking for some hydrated lime for casing and struggling to find the right product. The best I think I've found is Dingo Hydrated Lime at Bunnings which is 90-95% calcium hydroxide. But then the remaining 5-10% is listed as 'other non hazardous ingredients'. Could be alright but looking for advice on what others use.
  2. frog

    Which coir brick to use?

    I also heard that Bunnings coir is shit (on this forum) and may be heavy with trich spores. Someone recommended this brand in another thread - https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/ecotech-jungle-coco-peat-650gm-9l-fico01-p-17305 - I'm also on my first grow - going to spawn to that and verm tomorrow and see how I go I'll try some other brands of coir eventually because they are cheaper at Bunnings, but don't want to take a risk on my first tub just to save 5 bucks.