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  1. Mono

    Anyone have Solanum nigrum?

    I am looking for seeds or foliage of Solanum nigrum, PM me or email me. I can pay $ or I can trade. I would really like to try this plant, a bunch, thanks. Regards, Mono
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew what species of poppy the "Mcormick" blue poppy seeds are? They are for sale at grocery stores in Oregon. They are different than black poppy seeds. Are they Papaver somniferum "elite"? Just trying to get their species name. Thanks. Mono
  3. Mono

    ephedra sale

    hello everyone, I have some dried foliage collected in Pacific Northwest and not cultured say at home; but truly wild dried plant foliage of some pretty big ephedra plants in Pacific Northwest. I have dried foliage of ephedra viridis and ephedra nevadensis. I have some that are old growth wood, of big wood of ephedra. I am trying to sell some; and I am asking $75.00 per kilogram of ephedra viridis dried foliage or ephedra nevadensis. I did not dry this foliage myself, but ephedra plants here are dry already when you collect them so dry naturally really. If you are interested just PM me or email me. It might take me a few days to return to this forum as I don't frequent the internet that much. I also have these: acer macrophyllum wood and seeds (kilos of wood, and enough seeds that you could possibly need] amorphyllum orientale seeds (poppy seeds) [seed packs, $6.00 each] all kinds of heirloom fruits/vegetables seeds [seed packs, $6.00 each] opium bread poppy seeds (blue ones) [lbs.. more than you could possibly need] ephedra viridis seed pods [100 seed pods, $25.00] Mono