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  1. Gimli

    chilli RUMBA seeds[fruit] GiveAWaY

    yes please ! would look good as a bonchi indoors I reckon
  2. Gimli

    What cool stuff have you found at bunnings?

    Nothing cool ever comes to bunnings in WA
  3. Gimli


    Someone sent me these claiming them to be Pachanoi... Can anyone ID? Thanks
  4. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    Anyone got seeds to sell/trade? Looking to start my winter grow soon (still summer, i know) I just like to make sure I have everything in order...
  5. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    The ol forget to wash your hands and rub your eyes also sucks o.0
  6. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    Glaukus: do you have any seeds you may want to sell? That Rastafari scorpion looks cool! What sort of chocolate pepper is that? ghost?
  7. Gimli

    ebay seller

    This bloke has some interesting items for sale. http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/robdmt/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  8. Gimli

    ebay seller

    This person also has some interesting stuff... http://stores.ebay.com.au/shadesherbs?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  9. Gimli

    Terrorism in Sydney?

    Data retention may have helped siege? Abbott is the biggest fuckwit that's ran this country, that and being in Murdochs pocket... Sticking that cunt in jail/remand him for his shit actions would have been good (that of murdering his ex-wife) and his sexual conduct charges.
  10. Gimli

    ebay seller

    HAHAHA so good I actually spat out some coffee! But yes, there are some not so bright people around
  11. Gimli


    Thanks! haha some people...
  12. Gimli

    Terrorism in Sydney?

    We'll only be told what the media want us to hear... I believe you missed the massive dose of sarcasm
  13. Gimli

    Terrorism in Sydney?

    Say hello to more anti-terrorism laws and policies
  14. Gimli

    Is your dog dangerous?

    I just want to give your dog a hug I think it's a load of shit that a dog should be destroyed for biting people, CONSIDERING THEY WERE ON YOUR PROPERTY!! A friend of mine was broken into a few years ago (they came in thru the roof), they fell thru the ceiling and injured themselves, sued my mate and won o.0 what a load of shit. World has gone mad...
  15. Gimli

    300 post giveaway

    Had plenty of organic matter/seeds sent from the east with no problems. Would pay for your troubles (and seeds) mystical oyster, if you'd be willing to send some seed? Thanks
  16. Gimli

    Looking for lophophora williamsii

    If you find someone who has 2, will take one. Cheers for that Scop x Pach a while back too!
  17. Gimli

    various seeds to giveaway

    Hi, Just wondering if you happen to have any poppy seeds left? Thanks
  18. Just wondering if you have any prints left? Thanks
  19. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    I use a few of these: http://www.bunnings.com.au/saxon-mini-green-house-with-seed-tray_p2960182 http://www.hydroponicsolutions.com.au/shop/grodan-rockwool-propagation-cubes-40x40mm
  20. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    I start my seedlings indoor during winter. I use the heat mat for other stuff too.
  21. Gimli

    Proof that Bunnings sells San Pedro

    Been to a few bunnings here in Perth and not once have I seen San Pedro etc Wish they did!
  22. Gimli

    Chilli peppers - Aus

    I use a heat mat + rockwool as the grow medium. Can get heat mat from reptile pet store, rockwool from hydroponics store. I just put some Cayenne seeds into rockwool cubes, so hopefully get sprouts in 3-5 days.
  23. Chasing some Khat seedlings. Tricho Pachanoi and Echinopsis peruviana Also, Duboisia hopwoodii if at all possible...
  24. Gimli

    Post your track of the day

    Any Prodigy fans around?