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    Offers, Sales portal pro

    https://www.reddit.com/r/sanpedrocactus/comments/6wh6ot/paypal_warning/ A number of "commercial" sellers in the facebook world are now having to use other methods of payment instead of paypal.
  2. Recently I was sitting out back in my cactus patch having a think when this magpie flew in only a few meters away with a giant grasshopper in its beak. The magie proceeded to smash it against the ground and eat it, legs and then head. Flew away leaving the body behind.
  3. I emailed them about getting seeds and they never replied. Fuck em Edit: 22/8, so 4+ weeks is ample to reply. Edit2: Second email got a prompt reply. Wtf sort of business is this?
  4. Gimli

    Coleus blumei seed and/or plant

    As title states Flick me a PM if you can help Cheers
  5. Gimli

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Second LW fruit for the season. Another Jourd. Probably one for giveaway at the next meet
  6. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    Big thanks to those went to the meet! Unfortunately I was not able to make it due to a bout of gastro late last night. Pretty upset I missed it Think it was around 10 people and plenty of plants shared around I really do hope to do a camping trip for the next meet, maybe 2 nights? Get a whole 6-7 months to plan and take in suggestions. (easter weekend looks good but downside is places will be booked out) Thoughts/suggestions?
  7. Gimli

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Seeds arrived today! Going to wait til night time temps are a little warmer. Got all my other seeds ready to go at the same time. Thanks again
  8. Gimli

    The Random Thread.

    When you get added to a Facebook group and see this trich clone list. Kek
  9. Gimli

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    Since eBay, PayPal etc are no longer facilitating sales of "San Pedro" and "Peyote" etc and closing/freezing accounts and peoples money slowly but surely, the Sales Portal will be used to facilitate such sales/trades I believe Torsten will post more info when it's running smoothly
  10. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    I've put in 6 packets of seeds. A couple of zellys, a couple from CH and some OP stuff Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!
  11. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/premier-vows-to-stop-music-festival-defqon-1-after-two-deaths
  12. Looking for an experienced tricho seed grower Must: Be located in australia Able to do approx 2-3,000 seeds Prefer: If you can graft You keep half of all seedlings PM for details. Serious growers only need message
  13. Gimli

    Bhut Jolokia (chilli) seed giveaway

    Depending on conditions, you should see sprouts in up to 14 days I do them in jiffy pellets. Great medium.
  14. Fresh seed collected tonight. Rated around the 7th hottest in the world although it was once the record holder I'll start off with 5 lots and update later if there's more than I thought Conditions: Aus only - tas at own risk Will send once seed is sufficiently dried And go!
  15. Gimli

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    Tell him you want it resent express or a refund. Seconding that, Flick me the name on your order and I can tell him for you. There is at least 4 other Aussies I know who've had to go down this path in the last few weeks, all orders from around April. A platform called Transferwise. Correct, no paypal.
  16. Gimli

    Documentary Recommendations?

    Good little 6 part series on netflix about "problems in the process of supplying food" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotten_(TV_series)
  17. Gimli

    Perth Beekeepers

    Ps if any Perth members have a swarm of bees, my mate and I can come collect and give them a good home and put them to work No chemicals and no exterminating
  18. Gimli

    Happy Wattle Day!

    In my opinion (and experience) signs don't stop anyone. We have game cameras located on a few properties (w/ signs along the perimeter) I'm allowed to shoot on and still see trespassers in photos all the time. What's to say it would work for someone stripping bark? It'll happen regardless. We use these - https://www.toolmart.com.au/moondyne-mdtcam002.html Great cameras with MMS/EMAIL capability for sending photos in real time Govt depts like DPaW use these. Great units but a little on the pricey side. Excellent battery life and image quality - http://outdoorcameras.com.au/6/reconyx-hc600.html Edit: have even had a few camera pinched over the years. Long list of others over east who have lost cameras on public land (hunters)
  19. Gimli

    Happy Wattle Day!

    What a generous offer! Got a spot already picked out in my sandalwood plantation! Muchas gracias!
  20. My big ground patch that I've been meaning to do is bulk soil coming from a company local to me, mix of composts, coarse river sand, manure with added minerals and trace elements. I have also found that of all the pre-made soils you can buy in bags, Baileys Premium (red bags) is the best if you're lazy (and growing in pots) As far as ferts go, I feed whatever I have. Blood and Bone, compost tea, even hydro nutes (like GTs Complete Focus or anything Canna (tis good shit)
  21. I've never understood the whole "it comes from shitty soils so lets just leave it as such" in cultivation. Just because it grows in said shit soil doesn't mean it's the best. I feed the shit out of my trichs and have them in pretty nutrient and organic rich soils and they love it. Crazy not too really..