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  1. ColinO'Scopy

    Lost my love of Cacti, now renovating an old motorcycle.

    Cactus collection now gone (probably). If any of you get into old motorcycle renovation, the No1 thing I have learned is VIDEO EVERYTHING WHILE YOU ARE TAKING IT APART!! and put every nut, bolt, washer, clip, seal etc in labelled zip top sandwich bags. Tearing it apart and throwing all the little bits in a big cardboard box is a giant mistake unless you like 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Ask me how I know.
  2. Lost my love of Cacti, so getting rid of all of them, free to a new home in WA. New owner takes the lot or nothing. There are: 2 pots of Psychonoughts about 30 of them. 2 pots of Goliaths about 20 of them. 1 TBM with a bit of scale and mouse damage. 2 pots of T Spacs about 30 of them. 1 pot of God knows what. 1 tray of God knows what. 4 Pedros and a T Spac about a metre high. Message me if you are interested and we'll arrange a date/time for pickup. Suburb Langford.
  3. ColinO'Scopy

    Outrunning Trichoderma when isolating from the wild?

    Have you done much experimentation with temperatures Darklight?. You may find changing a few degrees that the new temp has less effect on mycelia growth rates than it does on the occurance of the dreaded "Trichoderma", I'm guessing a lowering of the temps would be the way to go but I'm no expert. Good luck mate.
  4. ColinO'Scopy

    Entry level microscope

    I had much the same criteria Jimmyjam but went for a more digital option with one of these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-1000X-Magnifier-Digital-Microscope-Endoscope-PC-Video-Camera-TE103-/331410387716?hash=item4d29993304:g:B3AAAOSwGYVXCj6R cost about $25 at the time, its a bitch to focus and the CD wouldn't install properly, but on the other hand its got a scale card so you can actually measure the spore sizes and it works fine with a bit of fiddling about holding it down to the desktop and turning the focus ring.
  5. ColinO'Scopy

    computer question

    I thought for a minute it might have been a selfie, relieved it's not after your builder battles. 'Whats red and bad for your teeth - A brick.' (As someone posted in a recent shitty joke contest) FYI. Even if your hard drive shits itself there are downloadable recovery routines which can recover some data usually, or put the drive in a ziplock sandwich bag and chuck it in the deep freeze overnight, then use it before it thaws out, sometimes works.
  6. ColinO'Scopy

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    ^^^^ Thanks Olive I wouldn't mind a Sub print^^^^ I'm also on the lookout for other non-cubes, P Azures and P Cyans and Pans. PM me if anyone can help. Microscopy use only. VVVV Couple of nice Cube-'South American' prints VVVV
  7. ColinO'Scopy

    Read any good (or bad) books lately? (fiction)

    To anyone who is lurking this thread there is some very good advice posted by the contributors here, and some brilliant authors to choose from if you haven't discovered them already. I have now recently read Neil Stephenson - Anathem. A marvellous marathon tale after a learning curve of history and dialect. China Mieville - The Scar. A marathon beautifully written nautical headfuck. Ian M Banks - The player of Games. A vividly painted adventure to a very different time and galaxy. Next I will try an Irvine Welsh, and I have little doubt I will be kept as engrossed as I have by the previous 3, and so many more still to choose.
  8. ColinO'Scopy

    In light of poetry

    Two years ago I saw my usual quack for soreness in my ribs and aching in my back He took some blood and the usual cup of pee and to the x ray clinic he then dispatched me. A few days later he rang with sorrow 'Ring my reception, I want to see you tomorrow' Now that's an order you can't easily dismiss Perhaps he found something naughty in my piss. 'Your blood numbers are bad, I'll tell you no fibs and you've got lytic lesions on you're vertebrae and ribs. The symptoms are unusual, but there's no thrombosis, so Multiple Myeloma would be my diagnosis'. 'Multiple what? Ive never heard of that disease could tell me more of this strange condition please. 'Its a type of cancer, cancer of the blood cells, fatal and incureable and the prognosis kind of smells'. 'You've got about five years according to my book' 'Give that over here, let me take a fukin look' but he was fukin right, the doctor didn't lie, five year life expectancy I read with a sigh. 'How did I get it? I don't smoke fags or work with asbestos or fuck skanky hags'. 'Its purely random, not even heredity to blame we haven't got a clue to our eternal shame'. But that was all two years ago, progress has been made. scientific wonder drugs should give me a decade. So far the drugs are working like a charm Though you spend half your life getting needles in the arm. A stem-cell transplant helped recovery and made my face beam and all these lovely drugs are on the benefits scheme. I'm an old git already, I've lost a few years at the end, and impotence, arthritis, and going round the bend. Could be worse I've got a mate with much greater gravity, 47 year-old non smoker, cancer in the pleural cavity, Now its spreading through his body, its really vicious They reckon now that he won't be seeing fucking Christmas. Fuck going to Mars lets cure cancer. Good work Courage (and Sall), hope you're ok. Sorry to hijack your thread mate. Therapy poetry works good.
  9. ColinO'Scopy

    Read any good (or bad) books lately? (fiction)

    Thanks Guys, I've been looking for some new authors that are worth reading. I even got motivated to rejoin the library and get Anathem out, nobody mentioned it's nearly a 1000 pages and I've only got 3 weeks to read it, good job the hospital has me on Dexamethasone which stops you from sleeping for days on end.
  10. ColinO'Scopy

    Post your word of the moment

  11. ColinO'Scopy

    Shittiest joke competition - tricho seedlings

    What's the difference between a chick-pea and a potato? You wouldn't pay to have a potato on you
  12. ColinO'Scopy

    Shittiest joke competition - tricho seedlings

    Q: What is a Shih Tzu? A: a zoo with no animals.
  13. ColinO'Scopy

    Post a random picture thread

    A great swathe of Pluto that features a strange rippling terrain is perhaps the highlight of the latest image release from the New Horizons mission. (Quote)
  14. ColinO'Scopy

    Am I a racist ?

    Apparently the NWO takes over next year and then they will be deciding what Subby breeds with.
  15. ColinO'Scopy

    Abbott shortest-serving PM since McMahon

    Different glove puppet same fingers up its arse.