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  1. I didn't remove this snail, and now - more than 3 weeks later - this plant remains untouched (not even a nibble). But other plants weren't so lucky. (I found a small TBM pup that had been entirely hollowed out, with a circular tunnel right through the middle of it). 

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  2. I'm fairly confident the small plant I originally received was a rooted cutting, not a seedling. I've uploaded some pics of the same plant, cloned, with characteristic red foliage. I'm not sure why the mother tree is so green this year -- it was overshadowed by some ferocious racehorse trees, and probably received a lot more rainfall this season than usual. 

  3. Anybody's guess. I seem to have 3 x different hybrids from last batch. One with huge phyllodes and vigorous, one that grows miniature and very slow, one that looks a bit more like classic phleb. Different shaped phyllodes, I posted a pic. in the forums about a month ago. Previous year's batch looked classic phleb, but I accidentally killed 90% of them with fertiliser. They really take off after the first year. 

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