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  1. Australian_dream


    lolol just so you know, i used the term as a generality... im well aware of the damage that can be done from debarking trees, i was assuming that people here wouldnt be stupid enough to harvest wild plants let alone kill them off by doing that or i would just be out ring barking trees myself. i dont appreciate the pretentiousness that comes along with answers here. i am looking for a SUSTAINABLE supply of mh bark as i dont want to deal with oils contained in phylodes while tanning. im actually after something other than opinions on the matter... thank you.
  2. Australian_dream

    "Lost Peyotes" and other Psychoactive or Medicinal Cacti

    can i get a source please? was curious who used it, how and if there was an alkaloid profile recorded by anyone. not that i intend on ingesting any, was more just for personal research purposes.
  3. Australian_dream


    high guys! started to refresh my garden and have found myself with a sudden want for atropa related plants... nightshades, daturas, brugmansias, henbane and all other related stuffs. if anyone has spare seeds and stuff it would be greatly appreciated. can offer spores as trade, that is if you own a microscope...
  4. Australian_dream

    "Lost Peyotes" and other Psychoactive or Medicinal Cacti

    i know this post goes back a fair while but i figured it would be the best place to post considering its still somewhat active... looking for info on active Armatocereus if someone could point me in the right direction.
  5. Australian_dream

    Salvia D

    seems like a nice group of folks we have searching for sally here... can i get in on this list if she ever turns up? would also be interested in those intestine destroying chillis if still available
  6. Australian_dream

    Large Acacia Giveaway! (Moving House)

    wouldnt mind 5 if still available.
  7. Australian_dream


    you know the one. can someone help me out? keen for cash or trade.
  8. Australian_dream


    hey folks! been on member on here for a while but some hectic life stuff put the gardening on hold for the last couple years. ive just started sorting out what little i do have left but the number one thing i want back in my collection is a beautiful sage plant (you know what one...) if there is anyone who could help me out i would greatly appreciate it! i have a few prints and some other seeds im willing to trade or just name the price. i really just want my babies back! please help! lolol but really... thanks in advance AD
  9. Australian_dream

    Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

    any still available?
  10. Australian_dream

    Surplus cacti seeds - swap for prints?

  11. Australian_dream

    Spore Slides Wanted

    pm me
  12. Australian_dream

    Bridgesii cuts central coast

    Looking for 3-4ft of bridgesii cuttings on the central coast, preferably pick up today. please help!
  13. Australian_dream


  14. Australian_dream

    Anyone interested in rooted caapi cuttings?

    Definitely interested either now or in the future. Shoot me a pm!
  15. Australian_dream

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Alright I'll offer 1 PESA print. Of coarse only for observation under microscope.