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  1. terraferma

    Fat trichocereus to identify

    Thanks my friend
  2. Thanks in advance for your comments!
  3. terraferma

    What kind of spider-like bug is this?

    Thanks so much for the info my friend! Well, I was thinking it could be some kind of spider mite, although they do seem a bit too large, they are at least 1.5mm with legs, 1mm not counting legs. It does not seem to extend further than one tray inside the house, and no damage to cacti, but I will investigate further. Have a great week!
  4. Does anyone know what kind of insect is this? This one is greenish, others of the same specie are more red. They are small, the body not counting the legs is about 1mm long. And are they a threat to Trichocereus cactus?
  5. terraferma

    Bug damage/ corking on Trichocereus

    Thanks for the info, Kykeion
  6. Here are some pics that a family member has sent me. Can anyone identify the problem he's got? He told me he's had problem with thrips on some of his plants not so long ago. Does that look like damage caused by thrips to you?
  7. Thanks so much for the advice guys. Looks like I'll be spending the morning moving plants to the sun then!
  8. I suppose the best growing conditions would be in the sun, but moving the sets of shelves would mean a lot of work for me, and I would like to know if it's necessary at all. After all, cacti are dormant in the winter, so maybe they don't need direct sun in the winter? Anyone has experience on the subject?
  9. I have quite a few 1-year old Trichocereus seedlings growing outside. They used to be in the sun and doing fine (I used a shading fabric so they don't get burnt)... but now, with the winter approaching here in Spain, the lower sun doesn't pass the roof of the house and the seedlings in my back yard don't get any sun at all... although they do get natural light as they are not covered by any roof. I have the possibility to move them to the front of the house where they will get sun all day, and there again I would possibly use the shading fabric. So before I move all my shelves and pots, I would like your opinion on which is the best place for them to spend the winter outside: in the sun or in the shade? Where I live the climate is mediterranean (winters are mild, it never freezes).
  10. I've found this plant in a local flower shop, they only have a few cacti for sale. I think it looks great. In real life it looks more blue than on the photos. Looks like a pilosocereus to me, does anyone knows the name of the variety?
  11. All comments are welcome. Thanks!!
  12. terraferma

    A very fat one to ID

    Thanks for the input, guys!! I guess that this following plant (#3) is also Terscheckii, right?
  13. terraferma

    A very fat one to ID

    ...and PLANT #2:
  14. Please let me know what you think these plants are. PLANT #1: